October 27, 2011

Review: Secretariat

a very elevating and touching story on how a housewife decided to take over a family business on horse breeding after the passing of her mother and how she managed to claim the glory in her by a horse named Secretariat a.k.a Big Red. A movie worth watching and recommended for movie lovers and of course, horse lovers as well. It's just full of emotions in it. Happy, sad, dramatic, pumped. Well, you name it.. it's all in it. Okay, to add a little bit more spice.. It's a true story and she, Penny, the owner of Secretariat.. Lived to tell the tale. how brilliant and wonderful it is. Such amazing thing done by her and the horse too.

Verdict: 4.5/5

It claimed the rating by it's own ways of the story. this is not another frustrating, turned down or failed movie reached out to the box office. It's a movie with love, care and happiness in self, family and life. A round of applause. :)

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