January 31, 2010

Babyface Live In Malaysia 2010

A 10-time Grammy award-winning R&B star, Kenny “BABYFACE” Edmonds, will enchant Malaysia for the very first time, making Kuala Lumpur the first stop for his South East Asian tour. The “BABYFACE LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR” concert will be held at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Friday, 5th March 2010, at 8.30 pm.As a singer, producer, and songwriter, Babyface was an inescapable presence in virtually every major facet of pop music during the '90s. His own recordings helped rejuvenate the R&B tradition of the smooth, sensitive, urban crooner and made him a staple of urban contemporary radio.

In 1996, his guest-laden album, “The Day”, spawned another Top Ten Pop/R&B hit with his single “Every Time I Close My Eyes”, which solidified the singer’s crossover credentials by winning the Grammy for Record of the Year as producer of Eric Clapton's “Change the
World”.He has penned songs for many artistes including the world’s biggest-selling and most universally popular recording artists like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, En Vogue, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, TLC, OutKast and Usher with album sales in excess of over 500 million units worldwide.

“BABYFACE LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR” is organized by Pineapple Concerts (M) Sdn Bhd. The Managing Director, Razman Razali, stated that despite the full-blown drama in 2009 that involved the temporary exclusion of the company from the local entertainment scene, Pineapple Concerts is ready to put that behind and kick-off 2010 with a new fresh start. Grateful that the company is now back on track, he stated that Pineapple Concerts’ objectives remain, which is to focus in bringing high quality international acts to Malaysia for the entertainment of local music fans, and also to realize the company’s vision of making Malaysia a premiere destination for live entertainment.

Babyface’s first ever visit to Malaysia is a long overdue event for Malaysians as he has many fans here. Playing with a live band and going through his repertoire of classic evergreen songs, this is a unique opportunity to witness one of R&B's true legend live in action.Tickets to the “BABYFACE LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR” concert are available from 28 January 2010 through AXCESS Hotline: 03-77115000, online at www.axcess.com.my and all authorized AXCESS outlets”.

Ticket Prices: RM453, RM353, RM253 & RM153.

January 28, 2010

Shooting film in SMI.

here in ipoh, my school St. Michael Institution was chosen as shooting spot for the next movie of the well known director; Bernard Chauly who directed Goodbye Boys, Gol & Gincu and the latest, Pisau Cukur. all of them were good. i liked it. oh, if you realized, Goodbye Boys were also taken in SMI. it was about the 02 Kinta Scout from St. Michael. it was a pride to all Michaelians. This year, another movie shot in smi made Michaelians felt awesome !

for 5 days they stayed in SMI for shooting. this movie is about Syabil Karthigesu, a nurse who was detained by the japanese during the Japan Occupation. it is an interesting story on how she was kept and tortured by them. she was a famous person back in time. well, i dont know much about this but it sounds wonderful.

said them, it's 58% done by now. so soon, it'll be released for theaters ! make sure you dont miss it. well, i peeked from above in my class, i was excited that i can actually see what's goin on there. i saw she was dragged out of car with bruises and bloods on her face. cool :) i wanna stay there during recess before, but i was chased away by the prefects and teachers. grrr can't i at least experience shooting moments? lol :P this would be the first time im seeing a shooting live :D whee~ hm, but it's a bit sad that Syabil Karthigesu wasn't known much among the people here and elsewhere in malaysia.. maybe with this way, it'll work. hopefully.

credits to Cikgu Azhar, Cikgu Sidik & Mr. Khiew for the pictures & infos.

proud to be Michaelian :)
till next post.

January 24, 2010

Airborne wind generator

a brilliant idea i saw in Discovery Channel. it's made out of plastic with helium filled in. doesn't consume lot of space as the wind mills does. it's not as dangerous as the wind mills does and the best is, doesn't cost as much as wind mills does. it flies 300m above to get constant amount of wind to rotate the balloon. this is because at that height, the wind goes on continuously as how you see the clouds moves. but if you're thinking of residential generator, there are smaller scale of these. so you wont have to pay more to get energy as what our main suppliers are giving whom monopolize the country's source. e.g; TNB. well, it's a new invention, but it is a brilliant one. a very good idea of saving cost. and it also an environmental friendly project.

When the generator is on the ground, then the tethered aircraft need not carry the generator mass or have a conductive tether. When the generator is aloft, then a conductive tether would be used to transmit energy to the ground or used aloft or beamed to receivers using microwave or laser. Airborned turbine systems would have the advantage of tapping an almost constant wind, without requirements for slip rings or yaw mechanism, and without the expense of tower construction. Kites and 'helicopters' come down when there is insufficient wind; kytoons and blimps resolve the matter. Also, bad weather such as lightning or thunderstorms, could temporarily suspend use of the machines, probably requiring them to be brought back down to the ground and covered. Some schemes require a long power cable and, if the turbine is high enough, an aircraft exclusion zone. When the generator is ground-based, the tether need not be conductive.




semoga kau mati dengan penuh keseksaan yang tak ternyata!
berdustalah kamu, caci makilah kamu, maki hamunlah kamu selagi mampu.
akan tiba balasanmu suatu hari nanti. tunggu dan lihat. wallahualam.

January 18, 2010

Julio Iglesias Live In Malaysia 2010

A Starry Night With Julio Iglesias

SPANISH crooner Julio Iglesias needs no introduction. The artiste, renowned for melting the hearts of women and leaving his audiences starry-eyed, will be performing in Kuala Lumpur on April 1.

Having sold over 300 million albums worldwide, Iglesias is known as one of the world’s most popular recording artistes.

He has released 79 albums and has been the recipient of more than 2,600 Platinum and Gold records – an achievement recognised by Billboard maga zine as being the most won by an artiste. That’s not all – Iglesias received the only Diamond Record Award ever given to a performer by the Guinness World Book Of Records for selling more albums in more lang uages than any other artiste in history.

In his world tour, A Starry Night With Julio Iglesias, the singer will go from Australia, South Asia, China and Japan to all of Latin America and Europe. Backed by his own live band and dancers, Iglesias will entertain his fans in Malaysia with 90 minutes of his greatest hits including To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before and All of You and Crazy.

PR World wide is the promoter of Julio Iglesias’ World Tour in Malaysia.

Iglesias will perform in KL at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Doors open at 7.30pm.

Tickets go on sale this Friday and can be booked through Ax cess by calling 03-7711 5000 or via http://www.axcess.com.my/. For tour details, call 03-7493 3010.

January 17, 2010

Saosin Live In Malaysia 2010

Junk By Demand and Jupiter Projects bring you this one night only concert with post-hardcore quintet Saosin as they play their maiden concert in Malaysia with Love Me Butch in support!

Time: 8pm

Date: 1 February 2010

Venue: KL Live @ Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tickets: RM87 (Junk Special - bring January issue of Junk to Rock Corner outlets to buy tickets from 1 Jan - 6 Jan), RM102 (Pre-Sale), RM120 (At The Door)

Super Junior Live In Malaysia 2010

To all korean lovers ! dont miss a chance !

Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Date : 20 March 2010 (Saturday) 7pm

Ticket Prices : RM138, RM238(Numbered Seat) ,RM458 (Numbered Seat/Rock Pitt)

Ticket Hotline /Website : 03-2092119 9 (Marctensia); 03-77115000 (Axcess) / www.marctensia.com www.axcess.com.my

UPDATE : RM138 tix is SOLD OUT.

January 16, 2010


the movement of Annular Eclipse 2010

in Malaysia 4.30pm, 15 Jan 2010

in Central Africa, during sunrise

it is the longest Annular eclipse for 1000 years. so it's a record which wouldn't be beaten for another millennium ! December 23, 3043 is the next one. think you can make it? lol i think no one would make it no more. how lucky are we to spectate the greatest phenomena in this world NOW. allahuakbar. but to ask, what is the hidden story/saying about eclipse ? only the great person with lots of knowledge knows them. wonder why we, muslims pray "solat sunat gerhana" everytime there's eclipse? must be something big/phenomenon thing is/will happening. else than to respect the utmost greatness/powerfulness of Allah s.w.t. doesn't it ? im still searching for an answer to this question. and yes, every eclipse are VERY tempting. how weird the thing was. how can a moon covering the huge surface of the sun.. and how beautiful the thing was during it happens. i myself, was very excited. how amazing. some say the gravitational force is very high during the peak time of eclipse. an egg can "stand" on either rough or smooth surface without support. how that can happen, i dont know. wallahualam.

attention for the next eclipses 2010;
Partial Lunar Eclipse - June 26th (visible in Americas, the Pacific and eastern Asia)
Total Solar Eclipse - Jully 11th (visible in South Pacific and southern South America)
Total Lunar Eclipse - December 21st (visible in Americas, Europe, Africa, eastern Asia)

the best for Malaysian is on June 15th EST 11pm & December 10th EST 12pm 2011 as all eclipse visible. that time maybe we could see the whole thing rather than a half or quarter of it.

*source from NASA.

very exciting indeed :)
till next post.
thank you.

January 7, 2010

my class :)

haha might look funny but i like it :))
so, im very happy today. even thought some things happened.
it started when mr.rajan was sorting students to their classes.4sc1 was the first. HAHA no offence but most of the G's are there.well, you know the drill guys ;) lol. so i waited. they didn't go class by class. they moved to 4v1 suddenly, then 4sc3 next. haha mixed up everything. but, whatever. then came 4sc5. i was, "weh, shut up! it's 4sc5." if ya'll don't know, im taking i.t aka ict. if you don't know what it is, it's a subject which gotta do with computers :)

well, the main reason why im taking it cuz it's kinda easy to score . yeah that's why. back to story, kenny liew, shastri thiru, viknesh, pah meng, hambali, nuqman & few others were called. and guess what, my name's not there ! omg! haha "okay, maybe my name's on sc6." so i say "calm down, farris, calm down" fuhh hahhaa. i got 6a's but im scared that i dont get. when christopher should be scared he doesn't get it. but im more worried. dont know why. then here it goes, 4sc6. HAHA loo chyuan jin, ibtihal, imran, yuga, jeff. so can say the last class to be called. so i bet my name is on the last one lah kan? well, you're wrong. my name + 3 more students are NOT THERE. ahahah watafak?

i got scared. shit panicked." wth happened? i sent the form already lah, sir." mr.rajan"idk la boy, apa ni, risau2.. sit down lah" *and pushed me down. again third time, sir. LOL mr.rajan haihh :)) so i sat. try to chill. then called the penyelaras form 4. asked which class i was suppose to go? so i said 3a5. waiit said the teacher. then my ex-classmate, kin hoe asked. the teacher turned to 3a5 name list. so he's in somewhere i dont remember lol. okay, so at the same time i try to sneak up on my name. AHAHH! there's number 5 at the end of my name. lol so i was "shit, im in sc5? with kenny, shaz & viki? damnn" then the teacher asked me, i was so excited i said "science five! erh, i mean 3a5!" hahha. "oh, farris daniel, you're in science 5, taking i.t right?" "yeah, teacher :DD" so, there i go.

haha went there, yeahh man! i know these guys. rather than going to science 6. i dont like them much i you ask me. seriously. can't fit in with them =.= so, im happy. but mood's goin down awhile after i noticed that the voting's done! damn it i wanted to be monitor wehh =.= and i had to sit at the back of the class. cuz im the 36th student to sign up in the class. total 38 i think. forgot. lol. nvm. then, suddenly, the class teacher said, "class, sean ni dia masuk band, jd dia mungkin ada kerja berat laa, ada prefects ada mcm2. so, kena cari yg lain lah. and penolong nak pindah teknik!" ahahha i was like "hell yeah, must be my lucky day. or is it because of the new boxer :X ahahha :P lol well, then the class started like "ashnor, ashnor ckgu!" i was like "damn, vote me lah you dumb ass =.=" hahhaa then hambali was shouting too. so i was like "hambali! asal lak? vote aku ahh" he said, " sal? ang nak? haha. haa ckgu, farris!" so i smiled politely to the teacher and raised my hand. "err, saya lah ckgu...*with high hopes* lol" she said"haa, farris lah monitor. setuju kan? okay setuju lah. dah close" ahahha YAY i have regain my throne 8-) whee~

so, i got the class that i wanted, i've regain my status as the monitor. i love this year baby. and tomorrow schedule have sports :D yay, first class football of 2010 :) thank you teacher, thank you guys, thank you god. :) i just being soo happy :D im gonna start study soon. study real hard, seriously. im scoring 10A+ next year ferr SPM. wish me luck :D need the focus damn lot.

so, with that, i rest my case. thank you.
till next post :D

January 5, 2010


OMG. school started =.=
totally boring. wish the holidays would continue.
sigh* everything seems normal. same ppl, same teacher, same environment.
er except for, im form 4. and i dont have a class. and i have a junior in the morning session ^-^
well, the food court is back on. so, whole bunch of foods can be choose again. and as always, i dont know what to eat =.= HAHA i was late for school. 8.30 i arrived at school. lol. with a normal face on. WHAT? like i care :P my classmates raised their hands calling me. oh, i see. there they are. sat down. and heard what my boring old bastard principal speaking. blablabla --getting sleepy--- kehadiran sekolah merupakan isu yang harus diperbaiki ---zzz. erh? watafak? attendance?-- lol nothing related to form 4 stuffs and first day of school. well, what the heck. then, ceramah started. add maths, history, physics, chemistry, biology and bm for that day. wow, suddenly i felt like; damn! im gonna be sick. what the fuck, it's so heavy. what a work to do. one subject, 3 papers. each paper consist of a very stressing questions. wow, im gonna be dead if i dont focus. SPM ! next year! and, you know what? i just realized. why the hell when the shorter the time for examination, the harder and more complicated it gets. ?? upsr, 6 years, easy. pmr, 3 years, tougher. spm, 2 years, hard. WAHAHA damnnn. and when it gets to college, every 6 months. wow. im gonna die. well, best of lucks. hope that i can focus and score well in my exams and finish the goddamn school for good. so that i can kiss the school goodbye. *oh how i wish i could do it now* =.= booorinngggg. wtv. so, that's it for today, adios. happy schooling! --NOOOT---

January 3, 2010

wtf ?

well, for me, this is neither political nor debatable issue.
seriously, how in the hell mahkamah tinggi boleh approve penggunaan kalimah 'Allah' bagi penganut bukan Islam ? at first, last year i remember they said perkara ini tidak boleh disentuh, ia merupakan perkara sensitif. maka demikian, permohonan penggunaan kalimah 'Allah' dibatalkan. tiba2 today, different story. what the fuck is going on ? seriously, what's the point bila kita ada maksud kata bagi GOD (english) to malay menjadi TUHAN ? bukannya ALLAH. Allah utk Islam. Agama lain mempunyai nama Tuhan mereka sendiri. like in the news said; kalau macam ni, tukar je lah rukun negara pertama which is kepercayaan kepada tuhan to kepercayaan kepada Allah. ???? heyy, think with your brains. why the hell you waste the whole 11 years goin to school ?? damn. what? so that bila you guna kalimah 'Allah' you can tarik the muslims people become one of you? please, don't make things worse GUYS. rakyat akan keliru. in case bila berlakunya sesuatu kejadian yang tak diingini, orang datang kata nak sebarkan pengajaran "eh, ada kalimah Allah. betul lah ni dari Al-Quran" rosak lah agama islam bodoh. what a stupid decision from the high court. macam kata Tun Dr. Mahathir. keputusan mahkamah tinggi telah membuat umat Islam marah. ya, tolong tenang. tetapi, mana tak marah. sesuka hati jee. ingat ni permainan ? Allah swt merupakan yang ESA, yang SATU. JANGAN LA NK MEMPERMAINKAN HAL NI... TOLONG LA. susah sangat ke nak faham. multi racial country pun, please respect each other. faham laa. jangan nak penting diri sgt. rusuhan akan berlaku besar-besaran jika hal ini berterusan.TOLONG HARAMKAN. wahai sekalian, time ni laa kita nak kasi tahu semua bahawa kita tidak sama sekali akan dipermainkan, dipijak oleh yg lain. bangun la semua. jangan la jd hipokrit. sultan2, agong turut samalah sokong dlm hal ni. daulatkan agama Islam, agama kita. kalau bukan kita sdri yg nk buat, siapa lagii... fikirlah. TERIMA KASIH

maaf kalau terkasar bahasa atau ada yang terasa.
saya tahu ini isu sensitif namu begitu, demi kebaikan agama Islam.