December 31, 2009


happy new year.
pejam celik, pejam celik. GOD! it's 2010 already?!
damnn. hahaha.

a lot of things happened during '09.
things are good and bad.
hard to describe what really happened,
but it was okay.
2009 was just fine.
it's kinda fast cuz im too busy studying for pmr rite?
by the way, my pmr result was 6a1b1c.
got few bucks and a watch.
guess it's okay. damn i wish i'd gotten 8a's.
well, mybe just not my luck.

a new chapter.
im goin form 4. new class, new teacher,
new subject, new surrounding, new books, new air to breathe.

lots of things gonna happen on 2010.
im gonna focus on debating as it's a tournament year.
im gonna join the bowling team again.
*which i left since '07.
well, guess im not gonna join scouts. again.
got some issues and memories.
i just can't fit in cuz for me,
my true place is in troop10 =.=
im gonna be a bit free this year as i dont really need
to focus stuff as much as in form 3.
but too free i am not !
gotta focus on bio, chem, fiz & etc bit much.
or spm will be doomed. lol

few cool movies coming soon such as;
Iron Man 2, Valentine's Day, Edge of Darkness, Takers, Daybreakers,
The Green Lantern, Avatar: The Last Airbender,
Nightmare On Elm's Street, Alice In Wonderland and soo much more.
i can bet, 2010 would be awesome year :)

JUNE 11th :)
dont miss it yeahhh.

so, have fun, be happy.
as what the vulcans would say;
and a very

December 7, 2009

damn it.

KAKIS gathering @ Teluk Chempedak 13.12.09.
KAKIS outing @ Genting Highlands 19/20.12.09.
and guess what?
i can't go.

sayyyy FUCKED UP.
okay it's not because of the all new KAKISbabes introduction.
(yea mybe cuz it's the first intro after the meeting on sat day after raya)
truly, it's because of the gath suppose to be GRAND.
it'll be at TC. morning. with the bbq, games, discussions and clbrtng eman's birthday.
i bet it'll be AWESOME. for sure. but it won't be really. without me. seriously. erm.

and you must be wondering why i can't ?
yeaahh it's because my parents won't let me.
hurghh wtf.

whyyyy canttt i gooooo !!! arghh.
sriously, i'd never been to ANY KAKISIAN gathering before.
sounds weird huh ? yeah, it's the fact.
they only made a special gathering for me.
everytime i visit Kuantan.
yeahh thanks guys, cuz yall r thre for me.
macam ayat kakisian, susah senang sama.

well, im looking forward to go next time.
cuz actually everytime there's a gathering,
it wouldn't be a right time or should i say the same time
as the day i'm visiting kuantan. and again, yall must be wondering.
why the hell i didn't take the bus ? whyy ?
HAHA talk to my parents :) yayy. *hurghh*

sometimes im thinking, WHY THE FUCKING HELL AM I 15 FOR GOD SAKE ?!
sooo there it goess, blabla here, blabla there..
heyy ur just 15, u can't go here.. u can't go there yadda yadda yaddaaa..
hehhh. grow up faster daniel ! damn it.

what ? i dont care. hate my life HERE.
kuantan pleaaaaseeeee arghhhh.

whenever, just wait for it.

December 5, 2009

2010 FIFA World Cup Draw

GROUP A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France

GROUP B: Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria and Greece

GROUP C: England, USA, Algeria and Slovenia

GROUP D: Germany, Australia, Ghana and Serbia

GROUP E: Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon and Denmark

GROUP F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay and Slovakia

GROUP G: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast and Portugal

GROUP H: Spain, Honduras, Chile and Switzerland

im feeling the heat !! this will be awesome !

hopefully Netherlands/Brazil will win :D


see you in June ;D