October 26, 2011

T-Minus 19

okay, here's the thing. SPM is very, very close. 19 days gap. pejam celik, dah dekat. whoa. really, i do feel the heat slowly. though, i seem so calm. even my friends are like," hey, aren't you scared or nervous or something ? cuz you seem so relaxed, berani mati kind wei.." lol that's what they said. why ? yeah, at school.. in my class, only my group would still play decks, walk around, joking here and there. haha not to say that i don't act like im sitting for one but idk, maybe the more i think about it, the higher the chance for me to get unsteady. sangkut wei, seriously. especially when they started posting stuffs like peruncingan shits.. wow, feels like fucking monster in my stomach. damn. oh, i still having a hard time to study. idk why. yes, at school, a lot of papers like trials and form 4 stuffs all over the country are being used for exercises. i did that but not reading. i want to but idk, guess it's still early. my starting point maybe like end of this week or the next. i bet it'll stick in my mind better when it's closer. have to admit that memory isn't on my side lately. too much to think of.

currently, i used up my time online.. chatting and watch tv. new movies, new series and etc. unconsciously my way of losing the heat. i remember last time during UPSR, i had fever. PMR, i crave stuffs. things like chocolates especially. only managed to notice it right after the last paper. lol i call these The Exam disease. the symptoms are quite clear and very different to each person. try asking other people who are sitting for one of these three exams, you'll know. or maybe if you just observe and you'll definitely notice a few weird things done  by them. hahaa. calm down, daniel. it's just another test. RIGHT =__=" yes, i have to put up my game soon enough. 2 weeks + left. that's all. then 9 days for all of my subjects and i'll be done by Nov 30th. Freedom is in way. yeah. haha.

till next post. gahh ! ><

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