September 27, 2009


PMR coming
Oct 7th - 13th

imma concentrate on books as it's coming reaal soon.
till next post after pmr :)

and to all pmr candidates.

may the force be with us all ;D

why the long face ?!

yeah why ?!
cuz im SAD. frustrated. not in the mood.
okay, im back in ipoh. yayy. phff !
so, it's time to unload the car.
i was on rush at kuantan when im using my wax and perfume.
then someone took the wax. not the perfume.
so i put it at the back pocket of the car seat.
back to the unloading sh*t.
my dad took out all the stuffs inside the car.
i don't know how it happened, or how he hold.
it was my beloved POLO BLACK !
OMG. *sigh*
sorry would cure the pain. would it ?
heyy, i used it efficiently.
bit by bit. till half left,
i was like, okay, special occasion ONLY.
i love the smell okay.
sh*t. i kept it since end of form 1.
whatever lah.

raya week.

wow wow wow a looong week of raya :) yes, it was fun. but erm, some of them aren't though. first, i travel all the way from ipoh to kelantan. yess, raya in a village.. it's fun u know. u feel the real raya spirit when u're in a village. i ate a lot during raya. HAHA but hey, im getting skinny somehow. hahha cool rite. x) got 150 bucks duit raya. can consider it as sikit lah kan coz economy down, ppl semua kusuutt jeahh. adehh. nvm, bersyukur coz dpt duit raya lg. hahha x) yay!

then it's time for me to travel to kuantan, visit my dearest hometown. OMG. hahah. seriously mmg tak saba nk blk coz nk jmpe friends nd bros all. lepak mega, pg tc or wtv. it was on the 3rd day of raya. something scary happened. first, i was on my way there. then suddenly my dad's car overheated at kg. ank ikan, t'ganu. waited 30mins to let the smokes gone from the engine. filled up the water into the radiator but somehow, it doesn't work. so we had no choice but to go back to kb. =.= while we're waiting for my uncle to come with a tow truck, i went to this hut (wakaf la kan) haha. we were hungryy. but the kedai tutupp :( i lepak there, after text someone, i heard scratching tyres coming from the left. it got louder and louder. hey! it's like a premonition, sddnly i got a vision tht the car is going to hit me. O.O err. INSTANT ACTION! i flipped back. guess what hppnd? the car hit the hut. and the banana trees fell down, spare parts of the car flew away. damn i was lucky. =.= i was in shocked. im shaking like hellllll. ahhh damnn. xO i was fine, still alive. haha

i arrived in kuantan the next day. haha i get to go to megamall. lepak with my sis and capple + rain. we watched Gamer. cool action-packed movie :D haha i passed an eighteen movie on cinemaa. HAHA im fiftheen yeahh. take that GSC :P i rule. heheh. i dont eat a lot. dont know why. guess the fasting effects mybee.. hmm. missed kuantan a lot. wish i could stay there and leave this place :( im nobody here. nobody cares bout me here. nobody knows me here. i dont know ppl. *sigh.

open house at my granny's house ! yeahh. haha the dish is masakan kampung. terengganu style :) me nd capple bakar ikan. sure sedap punya lah hehe ;p capple bakar smpi hangus x) hahaha. i started the fire. im a prooo ;p hehe. enough bout that. few friends came. reyy & ayep too. that's on the noon. at night, it's ayep's open house. haha cool. makanmakan sikit jea la but the cool thing, haha bang bang boom ! hahah mercunn x) we all rocked the whole im 5 ;p haha. cool lah, thanks ayep.

so, that's all i guess. a week of raya. now im nervous. PMR weh. today is 27th. the thing is on 7th. hahhaha gila wehh mati lah akuu klau tak revise dlm sminggu nii. x) so, WISH ME LUCK. lots of them please ! hahaha x) may i get to score with flying coloursssss like rainboww :D oh yeahh. ghee. till next post aitee ;)

September 17, 2009


wishing u guys a very happy raya aidilfitri this sunday.
if i ever made mistake, forgive me.
ppl cant escape from wrong doing that's for sure.
so, hope u forgive me as well. :)
thank you.

hppy hols.


Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'alls neighborhood

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller

September 13, 2009

this IS it !

hell no, im not gonna miss this !
forever MICHAEL :)


these photos taken at cameron.
i was on my way back to ipoh.
we were rushing to arrive as early as we can cuz weyy almost berbuka alreadyy !
hahahh but yeah, we made it justt on time.

September 9, 2009

snapSNAP !!

few shots taken at the backyard in kb.

haha i was bitten by almost 10 mosquitoes at once on my hands when im getting shots x)
omg, damn itchy. plus red ants bit me also =.=
but whatever it is, i enjoyed snapping pics. :D
comments ?
click on the pic for better view :D

September 4, 2009


yummy percik chickens for breaking fast.
one some ? lol.
me & my aunt roasted these a day before merdeka.
had fun cuz relatives from kl joined too.
wow i ate a lot that day xD
haha. well, nothing much to snap cuz busy helping out stuffs.
but i enjoyed it. :)