October 14, 2011

Review: Nasi Lemak 2.0 & Bini2ku Gangster.

Okay, started of with Nasi Lemak 2.0. It's a chinese movie of course. directed by Namewee. if you are Malaysian, so..you know who he is. i just watch it, to know what are his message to the nation. okay, some things are still the same. Namewee will always be Namewee. just like how any other people would be. sticking to himself and his opinions. what we can see, it only possess a small number of professionalism as he made it more like a fan made youtube video. sorry, not that i don't like him, it's just because that the movie is not worth to consider as a movie. the jokes are there but it's more like an amateur comedy. what more can i say about the movie ? urm well, yes. the multi-racialism is at the birth as the movie goes on as he discovers what is the true meaning behind the dish of Nasi Lemak.

Verdict: 2/5
not really good but not that bad. it only made it better with a bunch of wonderful actors and actresses. but it's okay for you people to watch. :)

okay, this movie is about how a commitment goes by as the married couple living in life where the wife is a gangster and the husband is a good office boy. how they manage the life moves on to the story itself. quite funny but boring sometimes. okay laaa. well, i have nothing much to say.

Verdict: 3/5
if you like fighting, gangsterism type of movie, this is the one you should watch. though with a slight twist of love and commitment in it. enjoyy :)

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