October 27, 2011


okay, currently i have nothing to do. so i decided to start a marathon. CSI: Miami marathon. lol. i'm using Astro Beyond PVR, so i'm able to record stuffs. The best thing i ever have. Turns out it's better than Astro Max. though, the design and control is better in Astro Max.. the feature of the PVR, you can make a simultanious recording. two at a time. but the setback, you have to watch either one of it live. but there's always a trick. you could just watch a recorded programme then. :D whee. so, i kept this CSI since it started. idk whether the season ended yet or not but currently catching up to the mid season already. haha. well, i got more.. Camelot, Justified, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Throne and more series & movies. i just love it. record, watch later. (Sounded like promoting Astro =__= duhh) hahha. wtv.

okay, so since last night till today, i'm watching CSI: Miami. since no more box office movies to watch, dvds are absolutely cleaned, i mean finished all. lol. i decided to watch this. actually, tired of waiting for my dad to watch this together. hahaha. xD though, Camelot, Boardwalk Empire & Game of Throne is still in list. that, i can wait. More hype. oh, yeah. this season. quite interesting twist. new songs on list, nice view nice story & plot. awesome :D

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