October 26, 2011

what to do ?

it's funny, SPM hasn't yet started.. i already began to think of thing that i'm planning to do. oh what to do, what to do.. ? should i get a job or should i stay home, slacking ? if i get a job, i'll get money. things can be bought. aim: PS3. lol. okay, a point over there. but, second thoughts came in. i always have problem and complains of going school by saying it's boring, have to wake up early and stuff and the most importantly, rather stay home watch tv, play game and sleep. lol. that's the problem. stay home ? i can do what ever i want. watch this and that, play this and that, blog here and there, chill out somewhere outside with my friends and stuffs. but the thing is... i won't get money. i always planned of having a PS3. just can't take my eyes of it. ahahha. 3 months+ free time. okay, my new idea is to chill out first, for a month +. then work part time .. by the time i get the result, i'll resign. how's that sound ? blekh. wait till SPM is over first. hahaha. though, a lot of events are coming up after exam. and many places are planned to be visited. should i or should i not ? lalala. twists my mind thinking. fucking whatever --"

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