July 16, 2012

MUET tips

*BEWARE, LONG POST* hahahha :B

okay, since there's a few replies on MUET, i've decided to post some helpful tips on it. okay, in my earlier post, i'd shown you guys about speaking test. what you should actually write. yes, i only got Band 4 for my MUET, not to say i'm satisfied with my result but oh well, isn't so bad after all. but you guys gotta know that i didn't get a full attention on this, although i volunteered in it. it's just that i was juggling between SPM and MUET altogether. i regret myself for not given a perfect chance to fully utilize my skills. i was so blurred at that time. for speaking, i only get one chance to practice which is a day before the test. scary huh.. well, at least i'm lucky to be fluent enough in english language since i'm quite used to speaking especially in debates. well, first off.. to master speaking, THOU SHALL FREQUENTLY SPEAK ! lol keep on talking. don't be afraid to at least voice out a word or two. that should be a good start for you to get used to English. yes, it's hard to choose a perfect word to say. but hey, choosing a word to use is the problem. stop doing so. just talk. don't be scared if someone corrects you, that's a part of learning process. then, ask a few friends *maybe the ones who you trust not to laugh when you speak in some cases* to talk with you in English. you'll be a pro in no time. hahaha. okay, some may had laughed at me, the seniors of course when they asked me how did i get to be so good in English.. i say, simple.. Cartoons, Movies and Songs. yes, most of you would be like DAFUUUUUQ ? hahahha nah, now that's the real input dear ladies and gentlemen. besides speaking, what you see and what you hear may derive you to influence yourself in following the exact position. good or bad is up to your heart and that, is another topic. :) oh, how cartoons, movies and music does the trick ? easy.. cartoons usually gives out a clear picture as it is meant for kids right. you can understand without listening what they're trying to say, right ? now try watching and listening. multi-tasking. in fact, one does not surprise me after a few months watching a foreign shows, they could speak the language as if they'd attended a class or something. not just English, but Spanish, Korean, Japanese as well. see the big picture hear ? same goes to movies. okay we usually watch hollywood movies right ? now, if you buy a dvd, make sure you turn on the subtitles in ENGLISH. neither Malay nor Chinese and Tamil of course. why ? because by this way, first... you'll understand the story better.. second, you'll get to know what they are saying or how they're saying it crystal clear. i can't deny, i learnt quite a lot of words that i'm not familiar with during the movie so the output here is I LEARN A NEW WORD, THUS, A BETTER VOCABULARY, WHICH GIVES US A BETTER ENGLISH ! lol mind the capslock now. :P

okay yaddayaddayadda. now let's talk about writing.. last time i remember, writing an essay in MUET wasn't anything like writing in SPM. they focus more on substance rather than language. what are your facts. start vomiting ideas that should relate to the topic. don't try to go off topic, marks'll be cut off or ignored. 2 parts there are, essay and diagram. the diagram, please.. just write down what is stated. don't try to make your own statement okay. they don't want you to do the statistics that had been done for you. *bit harsh ey, boohoo :P remember, if they say 1% in June, 2% in August, 3% October.. just say that the stats increased steadily in two months time (EXAMPLE). or something like that. make your own words, but try not to be a genius. if you know what i mean ;) i can't say much about this though, i scored less in this part. hahaha pity me :( a result of a last minute study. puuuurfecto.

then comes the reading part. hahahahhaha my god. this, i love the most. more like a "information transfer" to me. the trick is to just scan and skim. don't read all the passage.. it's not like you only have one passage to read. unless you really can manage your time well, you may read it word by word. but better go fast. time limit is short. don't ask me, i forgot how long. hahahhaha. then you just answer the objective Qs. that's all. easy.

listening ? whoaaaaaa. okay it's not about how they speak makes you feel like throwing the pencil case to the speaker but how fast they speak are one of the problems. but at least they'll give you a chance to write down the answer before they repeat the conversation again. but the thing is, sometimes you'll get confused.. which is which ? is this the answer or that is the answer ? better take note of every word spoken. make sure you don't write when they speak. try to give full attention to the conversation when is played. when they don't, write everything down as fast as you can. but a better way is to catch the main points told by the speaker, write down a little bit cuz at least you won't be blurred. remember, time is your enemy. so short you won't get the chance to undo your mistakes in each of the questions if you don't do it properly. so please, help yourselves to do it right.

i only tell you this just to share out my experience in sitting for MUET. though i'm not so good in English, i'm still learning to make it better and better. if there's any mistakes or grammatical errors, please spare me.. i only got band 4 weii :P hahahhaa. i truly hope each and every one of you here who reads this may get AT LEAST band 4. get band 5 laa, better. at least you can brag that your English is good enough right. if any of you may have got band 6, i shall bow down to your highness dear my lord/my lady. hahahhaa :P good luck, all the best, don't stutter, don't over think, don't get confused too much, don't worry, don't sweat don't sweat don't sweat just turn to the left left left *jesse mccartney lalala :P be confident, be smart, don't try to use boombastic words too much. keep it low but steady. there's a difference between a hard punch and a fast punch. choose one :) do comment if you have any question or ideas aiteeeee. peaceeeee yo jyeahhhh \m/

oh, till next post :3