July 28, 2010


WILL be randomly online here in blogspot cuz i'm focusing more to tumblr. i'll still update here though but not frequently. guys wanna check it out, go here.



it’s been 4 days i’m offline. busy goin back to kuantan. had a stroll around kuantan helping my sis finishing her tour guiding skills assignment. from 6am till 11.30pm haha hell of a day. but funn :D from tc to balok. ecm, mega and everything. snapped pics & vids. andd a day before today, had an awesome party regarding my sis’s birthday. whuuu~! wanna do it again hahaa. we hanged from 8 till 3.30am. haha :D but shit, yesterday was f-up. i went home after school, was too sleepy so i slept on the couch. it was 3.30pm.. i woke up.. guess what, 6.30am LMAO. like died or something hahaha. whaddafuuuuckk.. soo fucking long hours of sleep. hahaa. damn. and todayy, i lepaklepak with my friends at hostel. then now, in front of the laptop. the future : watch Notorious and eat PULUT DURIAN <3 whee~ fav wehh. um yeahh, guess this just it. gotta go. till next one :)

July 16, 2010

it's okay...

sorry, i've been away so long. been busy sooo fucking bad. with stuffs at school, what's happening at home, travelling here and there plus the world cup. yeahh, holland lost. almost cried. so sad cuz they could've won and it could've been the first ! shiiiiittt. nvm, they'll be back in euro & next WC 2014 in Brazil. haha not givin up mann... :D to all Spaniards true fans, CONGRATULATIONS. to the WANNABES, fuck off. don't start to brag that Spain won when you are NOT a Spaniard's fan. stop acting like one. stick to you're own even though they sucked or fucked up during the world cup. it's all just a game and a freakin tournament. everybody wants to win. luck could've been in any of the teams. right ?

okay today is friday. i skipped school. so what ? haha been doin this since i started schooling. hhahaha . got nothing to do act. there cuz the teachers are busy givin report cards to the form 3s & 5s. so yeahh why should i go then ? haha. had a good night sleep. on the couch. HAHA. i was watchin tv then suddenly shut downed myself there. guess i was tired running laps during pj and went jusco then till 9. im leavin ipoh today, goin kay elll. haha again, staying at armada hotel, will consume a lot of croissants, omelettes and others when breakfast. it's soo delicious but shit. i'll be fat --" i really need an exercise soon.

haha till next post, aaadios amigo :D

July 7, 2010

road to victory :D


great, heart pounding match against Uruguay just now. 3-2 win. they'll be going against Germany/Spain on July 11th, 2.30am. Hopefully the Oranje could lift the cup for the first time in historyy :DD good luck to Germany and Spain. may the best team wins. meet us in final hahaha ! goshh i'm so happy :D

July 3, 2010

oranje :D

fucking awesome match wehhh.
i was damn scared at first after Robinho scored the first goal, early. but nahh, i still believe holland could fight back and they did, very well ! hahha omg laa equalized with Felipe Melo's own goal lol thanks for blocking Julio Ceasar from securing the ball :)) then the magic goes on with the man, Sneidjer :D awesome touch by Kuyt, then a straight header by him through the post .. whee. so, with that.. the ORANJE ARMY march on forward to semi final..... could go on against Uruguay or Ghana depending by the winner :D my bet's on Ghana. they're quite good. and like easier path for the oranje to step further... good play by both team laa.. pity Brazil but they played well. even though they made lots of fouls and tackles. can't describe my happiness right noww... SOOO HAPPY ! hahha. and yeahh, as i predicted.. it's the exact score line ! 2-1 ! ahuh, i'm good righttt ?? ;P

tomorrow would be Argentina vs Germany. i support both, but i'll go for Argies laa. support Maradona's men. they'll be a good opponent if they succeed to final with Holland ;)

till next post, adiosss ~:>

July 1, 2010

wink !

goddd im so fucking tired today, yesterday. don't even bother to know why. skipped the meeting :P oh yeah, im in YELLOW house. forced me to pay 2 bucks --" wtv lahh. things goin good else than that. went back to St. Michael's today. waaa really miss them seriously :( i went there to get my docs but the teacher isn't there --" went home dyy... tiuuuuu... haa, then got nothing to do, chatted with Ji Zen, Chris, Daniel, Joel, Shawn & few others. hahha talked crap (as always) haha. superman's a faggot ! go spiderman ;) hahahha. oh, i bought the psp memory card adapter. finally i could use my own memory card adapter instead of using my bro's who is always nagging nagging naaaaaggiiiiiingg when i'm using his one. blehh. wtv. rushed myself to ipoh parade... saw a new store, apple store ! whee finally an official apple store in ipoh :D cool stuffs are there even though it's not as big as the Machine in Mid Valley. i think i'll check that store out soon someday. tmrow is friday, 11.50 go home :D yay. gotta go there again to get it. hopefully the teacher is there --" yesterday and today no football, so resting time . slept early for the first time in a month. 4pm till 6.30am haha. some saying i'm hibernating. wtf. hahah can't wake myself up till i'm fully rest, sorry :)) ohhh it's been a while i didn't sign in my hotmail. 9409 inbox messages. bahaha. oh and one of them is this... http://bloginterviewer.com/movies/the-extravaganza-farris-daniel . check it out. it's a blog interview. i did that a few weeks ago after a comment in this blog asking me to answer a few questions for blog interview. lol i just hentam onlyyy. hahha it's fun though, read it laa. thinking of goin for a movie this weeked but idk, see first. damn lot of new stuffs coming in and i'm f-ing busy. even don't have enough time to go online... hmm, guess this is it.till next post yaww.

have a good day ;)