April 29, 2010


may the force be with you MJ :P

selling shoes.


these are the current in hand .
you can choose either one of it or *different designs too
the price will be RM 300 NETT.

*get me the pic of your choice.


nike yeezy as worn by Kanye West in "knock you down" MV.
price to be confirmed soon.
also a brand new item.


ride to this world, all alone
god takes your soul, you're on your own
the crow flies straight, a perfect line
on the devil's bed, until you die
gotta look this life in the eye

. . .

eenie meenie miney mo,
catch a piggy by it's toe.



April 28, 2010


it's funny when i am so fuckin fed up with the ppl around me, what've they done to me, suddenly it goes away in a split second. turns out as if nothing ever happened and everything's back to normal. then again, when i am relieved.. told myself "yeah, everything's fine now. i can just hang out, crack a few jokes and stuffs like that with them." oops, mistake. they're back for more. even worse . not just friends, even teachers too. just dont get it why the hell im the victim here. the target. pin-pointed straightly to me. what happened on the last week's case was a disaster. i was known for a disgrace. but when i decided to call my parents for help... it's done. see, back to my point. as if nothing ever happened anymore now. i just dont understand they're "plans" or "tricks". please people. for god sake leave me alone for once. no need for disturbing me. get a fucking life of your own instead of dragging and pulling on people's. i just can't take this. tried to be the unknown guy.. not working. be on the lowest category in school.. still doesn't work. even though i am not that kind of person back in my place. i wonder what my friends there would think of me if they see me in this kind of behaviour which i'd never done before in my goddamn life. such a goody =.= even i can't believe myself doing this. it's just ain't me. get what i mean ? heh. yeah, you can't shut people's mouth up but it's annoying when they keep on blabbering shit stuffs bout me everyday. yeah, it hurts but then again, "let that it don't kill me, can only make me stronger. " i knew all along that i shouldn't trust each one of you hypocrites. Oh, lol i keep on laughing by telling "i told you so" when i heard the news ya'll got probs with the new man. ha ha ha i don't wanna say anything. just laugh. yeah. you guys chose him over me right ? so face the consequences laa.. i know deep inside each one of you. you do realize that who is the real one's doing the job. the one who care more or less ? :)

just put a smile on your face, brothers.

April 27, 2010

Tokio Hotel Live In Malaysia

a great pop rock band coming here all the way from Magdeburg, Germany. famous singles such as Automatic, World Behind My Wall, Monsoon. Check them out. :)

April 26, 2010


im tired. im sad. im frustrated.

WE LOST 2-2.
cant go through top 16 :/

well, team 1 made it by 4-0.
congrats to them.

sorry, not in the mood for blogging.


April 22, 2010

to KL.

goin kl this morning 0440 hours, 23rd april by train.
stayin at the HELP residence. 24th & 25th.. prelim rounds.
first round, against smk damansara jaya (team2)
*THBT the government should only hire non-smokers for employment in public service*
wish us the best of lucks. we need that, all the way till final. ;D

live long and prosper people.

April 20, 2010


after all these years, it's finally back here in Malaysia
my fav soft drink next to coke :D

dammn i missed this drink so much last time till the production was cancelled from here as it said to be non-halal for muslims cuz it's from a beer factory . guess the govt did some research again.. THANK YOU FOR SELLING IT AGAIN !

April 18, 2010

whaat ?

Sons Of Anarchy, Season 2. OVERRRR !!
now i have to wait for the 3rd season.
which will only coming out Sept. '10 :'(
*sighhhh* damn cool series laaaa.

well, on the bright site...
i can continue watching heroes season 4 till the end :D
yayy me ! lol. xD

April 15, 2010

Chelsea FC kit 10/11

okay this one i think it's better than 09/10 cuz no more muscular shaping lines which was bit of gayish. but okay laaa. oh looks a bit fit and i like the red line on the collar and it's a V shaped! :D the stripes also looks good with the arrow-like sharp edge :D
cool. i like it .


April 13, 2010

it's over .

i am rebelling myself out of KAKIS Community.

byebye "friends". 2 years and half and i had enough. it's like all the things there happening because of me & rey. we both were the only ones that cared abt it. until it knocked us down. we loved the community.. guess we loved it too much, they put the pressure on us ONLY. everything was up to us. non of them were helpful, sorry to say. but the most obvious was the two goddamn founders. =.= fuck ya'll. seriously. know only to have fun and not there when probs arise. so, i guess i had enough and this is it. no more me backing up u guys, no more me to make things better, no more me to plan good stuffs. shit ass mthrfckr. it's all up to you fellas now. do what ur best at. i have nothing to do with you all no more. just a final wave of goodbye.

without regret,

April 12, 2010


Preliminaries: April 24th & 25th
Octofinals & Quarterfinals: April 28th
Semifinals: May 4th
Grand Final: May 6th

The 8th National English Debate Competition 2010

wish me & my team-mates a goddamn luck :O
representing SMK St. Michael, Ipoh with 2 teams divided into 2 groups of A & B which will go against schools across Malaysia by the total of 96 of them. sounds awesome.. but in the same time GODDDDD IT'S SO FREAKIN SCARY. nervous weh. all 21 motions were given on April 10th, 2 days ago. it's quite okay but challenging. mostly abt HSE (health, safety, environtment) all schools were given 2 weeks ONLY to prepare and discuss regarding the motions. all motions will be used time to time until the grand final. brrr... even as the reserve, i do feel the heat. all of us gotta play a role. with that only we can make it to final. but the thing is this year is a bit tricky. all schools will be given a "chance" if they lost instead of being disqualified. 4 debates will be held during the prelims. and will be ranked according the total of winnings and losings. so out of 96, only top 16 will make it to the next round which is the octofinals. im hoping that we could do well and at least make it to octofinals/quarterfinals. but it's better to go to semis or final itself. it'll be an honour to do so. jyeahh. imma try and do my best in this thing. again, wish us good luck. thanks :D

till next post,

R E X.

April 6, 2010


damn cool tv series :D

it's like the new age of The Sopranos. they are the biker gang called Sons of Anarchy aka S.O.A of SAMCRO. they supply guns, they protect their territories, go to "war". There are the Mayans and the Niners too, as their enemies. It's very interesting and quite violent :)

im now watching the second season. it's getting better and better to each episodes and im sooo into this series. lol haha so cool weh. i suggest u fellas out there to watch this series if u are a fan of gangsterism.this show contains murder, fights, language and bit of sexual stuffs. so u get the picture right.. nothing else to say, till next post baby. hasta la vista ;D

April 2, 2010

SMI Sports' Day

the pics are too many.
so, malas wanna upload here.
wanna see it, go to my fb aite ?

overall it was okay, fun.
my class won the 1st place for form 4 marching.
thanks to all, we did it .

comment the pics aite, thanks.



to Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri aka Din Beramboi, Malaysian comic & radio vj. he was attacked by dengue few days ago which made his organs dis-functional. he was then pronounced dead on 12.30, ICU unit. we all gonna miss him. the funny guy. to the family, sorry for the lost.