December 31, 2009


happy new year.
pejam celik, pejam celik. GOD! it's 2010 already?!
damnn. hahaha.

a lot of things happened during '09.
things are good and bad.
hard to describe what really happened,
but it was okay.
2009 was just fine.
it's kinda fast cuz im too busy studying for pmr rite?
by the way, my pmr result was 6a1b1c.
got few bucks and a watch.
guess it's okay. damn i wish i'd gotten 8a's.
well, mybe just not my luck.

a new chapter.
im goin form 4. new class, new teacher,
new subject, new surrounding, new books, new air to breathe.

lots of things gonna happen on 2010.
im gonna focus on debating as it's a tournament year.
im gonna join the bowling team again.
*which i left since '07.
well, guess im not gonna join scouts. again.
got some issues and memories.
i just can't fit in cuz for me,
my true place is in troop10 =.=
im gonna be a bit free this year as i dont really need
to focus stuff as much as in form 3.
but too free i am not !
gotta focus on bio, chem, fiz & etc bit much.
or spm will be doomed. lol

few cool movies coming soon such as;
Iron Man 2, Valentine's Day, Edge of Darkness, Takers, Daybreakers,
The Green Lantern, Avatar: The Last Airbender,
Nightmare On Elm's Street, Alice In Wonderland and soo much more.
i can bet, 2010 would be awesome year :)

JUNE 11th :)
dont miss it yeahhh.

so, have fun, be happy.
as what the vulcans would say;
and a very

December 7, 2009

damn it.

KAKIS gathering @ Teluk Chempedak 13.12.09.
KAKIS outing @ Genting Highlands 19/20.12.09.
and guess what?
i can't go.

sayyyy FUCKED UP.
okay it's not because of the all new KAKISbabes introduction.
(yea mybe cuz it's the first intro after the meeting on sat day after raya)
truly, it's because of the gath suppose to be GRAND.
it'll be at TC. morning. with the bbq, games, discussions and clbrtng eman's birthday.
i bet it'll be AWESOME. for sure. but it won't be really. without me. seriously. erm.

and you must be wondering why i can't ?
yeaahh it's because my parents won't let me.
hurghh wtf.

whyyyy canttt i gooooo !!! arghh.
sriously, i'd never been to ANY KAKISIAN gathering before.
sounds weird huh ? yeah, it's the fact.
they only made a special gathering for me.
everytime i visit Kuantan.
yeahh thanks guys, cuz yall r thre for me.
macam ayat kakisian, susah senang sama.

well, im looking forward to go next time.
cuz actually everytime there's a gathering,
it wouldn't be a right time or should i say the same time
as the day i'm visiting kuantan. and again, yall must be wondering.
why the hell i didn't take the bus ? whyy ?
HAHA talk to my parents :) yayy. *hurghh*

sometimes im thinking, WHY THE FUCKING HELL AM I 15 FOR GOD SAKE ?!
sooo there it goess, blabla here, blabla there..
heyy ur just 15, u can't go here.. u can't go there yadda yadda yaddaaa..
hehhh. grow up faster daniel ! damn it.

what ? i dont care. hate my life HERE.
kuantan pleaaaaseeeee arghhhh.

whenever, just wait for it.

December 5, 2009

2010 FIFA World Cup Draw

GROUP A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France

GROUP B: Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria and Greece

GROUP C: England, USA, Algeria and Slovenia

GROUP D: Germany, Australia, Ghana and Serbia

GROUP E: Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon and Denmark

GROUP F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay and Slovakia

GROUP G: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast and Portugal

GROUP H: Spain, Honduras, Chile and Switzerland

im feeling the heat !! this will be awesome !

hopefully Netherlands/Brazil will win :D


see you in June ;D

November 25, 2009

Pirates Of The Carribean 4

brace urselves ;D

so the journey continues to where Jack Sparrow & Barbossa are racing to; The Fountain Of Youth. Plus, Captain Nemo - type villain using more modern technology.

All of that jives with our 2007 report in which our scooper told us, “Jerry Bruckheimer could be planning to enter the realm of Science Fiction this time around.” More specifically, “Some of the brainstorming going around involves some Jules Verne type of scenarios.” In fact our scooper even hinted at Captain Nemo as one of the villains.
more info SOON.

due to be released by 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) & Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) confirmed their roles in this sequel while Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightly) and Will Turner(Orlando Bloom) won't be back.

November 19, 2009


So, the gentleman about town, NE-YO will be hitting the shores of Malaysia this January 2010! NE-YO’s debut concert NE-YO LIVE IN KL 2010, is scheduled for January 7th 2010, 8.30 pm at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and KL will be the first stop on his Year of the Gentleman Tour.

For the opening act we have local jazz songstress Najwa Mahiaddin, who will surely help set the vibes for the concert.

NE-YO is currently one of the hottest Pop and R&B singer-songwriters in the world. His hit songs have been in heavy rotation: So Sick, Closer and Miss Independent all which have landed #1 spots on the Billboard charts.

NE-YO first gained worldwide attention back in 2004 when he wrote the hit song Let Me Love You for singer Mario and continued to produce the #1 hits: Rihanna’s Unfaithful and Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. NE-YO has also won numerous awards at the Grammy’s such as Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B song.

It’s not all about the music: NE-YO Live in KL is a concert with a cause! Phuture Phlow has joined forces with Force of Nature (FON), a Malaysian-based charitable organization that is dedicated in raising funds for disaster relief. 50% from revenue of VVIP charity seats will be donated directly to FON. (So, let's remember our neighbors: those who suffered in the recent events in Padang, Manila and other places).

NE-YO Live in KL 2010, will be a celebration of great music. We’re going back to the basics: a time & place where music lovers can all come together and enjoy themselves responsibly.

Ticket prices are: Phuture Zone RM 260; Phlow Zone RM 170; and Purple Zone RM 140.

Tickets will go on sale 18th November 2009 at all major Ticket Hotline outlets.

For ticketing information, call: 603-7725-117

or visit

For further inquiries

November 11, 2009

God Of War III Demo

the graphics, the story-line,
new sequence, new weapon,
more violence, more blood !
woohoo !

GOD OF WAR III rulezz !

November 9, 2009

i'm shouting;

HAHAHA sorry devils, it's the blues' night tonight.

scored by defender/captain John Terry 76'

it was a lovely heading. straight from middle after a corner shot by Lamps.
you rule bro. left Man U to 5 points below ;D

sorry to disappoint you fellow devils, yeah.
better luck NEXT TIME. ;)

so im singing;

Blue is the colour, Football is the game,
We're all together, and winning is our aim,
So cheer us all through the sun and rain,

November 3, 2009


Sony of America has taken the wraps off the Ultimate Edition for God of War III
– the first time that the publisher has put together an ultimate edition for the series.

The Ultimate Edition, priced at $99.99 (RM 344.70), will include two exclusive collectibles, a high end sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box (8.3″ wide x 10.5″ long x 5.9″ tall) and limited edition God of War Art Book featuring exclusive art content and interviews. It will also include lots of exclusive digital content that gamers will be able to download using PlayStation Network voucher codes on the day that God of War III launches.

The list of exclusive digital content follows below:

  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges (not unlockable by completing the game, exclusive DLC)
  • Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus
  • God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (mp3 digital download).
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (mp3 digital download).
out on March 2010


This Is It.

4/5 rating.

awesome, exciting. This is really it.
MJ reserructed ;)

miss u MJ !

November 2, 2009

rescheduled .

i am now back in ipoh.
one reason why i missed ipoh so much....
MOVIES. HAHA i wanna watch This Is It.
anndd u know kb doesn't have one.

plus, Chelsea vs Man Utd

can't actually miss this. haha.

like i said in last post, i should've been in kb till end of this week.
cuz i'm going for an adventure in the wildd. haha.
yeah, things didn't go well, so it's been rescheduled to next week.
next thursday they'll go in.
so, im going home for a while, next wed i'll go bck thre. :)
well, it's kinda tiring isn't it to go like ulang alik ulang alik againn.. but i like it.
at least i can have fun in the jungle :D

waa seriously i can't leave a day without online-ing.
only god knows how i felt x)
haha dammnn, what a relief.

now, the CBD 711 has a new look.
after what happened during raya, things changed.
serviced everything! andd, new paint job.
from dully silver to cool black :D
oh yeahh, next upgrade is coming soon during raya haji.
tinted windshields, new cusion cover, new speakers andd spoiler + rims i guess.
oh yeahh im gonna love it :D
till next post :)

October 31, 2009


sorry guys, no pictures this time.

so, im tired of ipoh.
let's have some fun in kb then !
*not kuantan cuz i just went there few weeks ago

actually my uncle made a kenduri kesyukuran for his company M-Raf Auto at my granny's house.. so, i went all the way there from ipoh, by bus on wed. wow how tiring it was travelling by bus. with nothing to do except listening songs with psp and waited 7 damn long hours in that bus. wow how wonderful it was HAHA :/ ate @ mcd twice that day. breakfast & lunch x)) haha omg burger all day. plus at home once (street burger) next day, ate fried rice all day x) haha cuz all of them were tired, lazy to cook. the only alternative was to fry some rice. morning, white fried rice. afternoon, spicy fried rice. night, 'kampung' fried rice. HAHA damn. yea at least there's something to eat though.

and hell, yesterday was the most tiring day. the kenduri was on that day. already set all those papan tanda throughout the road. around 8am. it's raining. damn since i came it was raining. hmm. we were suppose to slaughter the cow for korban EARLIER. luckily it stopped @ 8. but should've been at 6/7. i grabbed the rope at the nose of it. watched them slowly cutting through the neck of the cow. blood splitteres & sprays. (HAHA sorry ppl. i like blood xD ) it died, but still moving. *wow the cow was strong* it even tried to release from the knots. blablabla, so we started cutting. used the sharpest knives. cool. opened the skin through the parts, cutted the legs and all parts. took the meats and start chooping to small cubes. haha it was my first in helping doing this stuff. ussually just sit back and watch.

done that, started fire for the gulai kawah, put all the ingredients and poured in the meats. wait a while, it's done. YUMMY ! :D haha damn lot of ppl came. all were my uncle's friends & customers. everytime i refilled a dish, another was finished. and again and again and again till it's finally finished. omg how tiring it was. i said to my other uncle, pleasee tell him stop calling more friends x) too tired aldy lahh. haihhh. hahaha. i managed to rest a while, and ran away to town with my uncle to cool down. hahaha let the others do the work now. im off ! haha.

it's 6. went home. sat a while, then i found out im too tired. went upstairs to my room. chill down and slept. at 7 i slept. haha how early it was. woke up at 9. found out my parents arrived yesterday at 10. haha how my mum was missing me x) well, i couldn't get enough staying here, can go out lepak with my uncle. hey motorcycle is there what. the beach is near, keropok lekor stall is near. i can relax myself, feel the breeze, clear my stressed mind(am i ? haha) wtv. annd, i'd dicided to stay here till next week. i wana follow my big uncles. they're going to the woods babayyy ! oh yeahh jungle trekking :D hunting stuffs i guess. cool. with all those 4WDs'. yayy. can't resist.

so, till next post, when i'm back in ipoh.
see ya later walley gator x))

October 26, 2009


XBOX 360 Elite or Playstation 3

damn it. really confusing.
to compare on graphics: PS3
to compare on game price: XBOX 360
to compare on games: PS3
to compare on multiplayer online gaming: XBOX 360
to compare on excitement: PS3

signature game for XBOX is Halo. PS3 is God Of War.
my favorite game is God Of War. Halo is not really my type i guess.
i like playstation. a lot. been using PS1, PS2, PSP.
it's not because i want to make it like a collection or what but, dude !
PS3 games are amazingly good !
plus, mofos SCEA brainiacs switched all the serial games from PS2 to PS3 e.g; GTA, God Of War, MGS, Grand Turismo, Tekken & etc.
but one thing. PS3 games are costly. RM130+ each.
hmm, one tip i got was to buy a long progress games.
best example is Grand Theft Auto.
if not, u'll waste ur money. good tip huh. and they say it's a some sort of sacrifice for it. good stuffs aren't cheap. again SCEA, why the hell u invented blu-ray and sell it for 100 bucks =.=

enough bout PS3. XBOX 360. the games are cheap! like PS2 games in stores around Malaysia.
easy to buy. u can actually buy all games XBOX have like what most ppl did on PS2. yes, it's cheap but one, graphic isn't that powerfull. close! but isn't as great as PS3. the brightness and details are less than PS3. XBOX. i am not familiar with this console. like i said, i've been using Playstation since i'm a child. i hate those A B, Red Blue Yellow Green buttons. kinda weird. HAHA. XBOX is better during online games. to play online, u must pay $50. =.= PS3 don't need to pay. plus it has wireless connection. XBOX doesn't.

so that's the Pros and Cons for PS3 and XBOX.
well, i'm still blurred.
easy to say, i like PS3 better.
BUT. game price is the problem.
hmmm.. o.O

October 19, 2009

saturday,OCT 17th.

new post with pics ;D

haha tak banyak pics lah, too busy having fun :D
it was oct 17th, 09. for me, it was the best day. why? sebab LOTS of things happened that day which expressed various feelings. ;D hehe well, no further comments. and it's been too long since i'd hanged out with bunch of ppls :D. KAKIS community pre-gathering was held that day. oh yeahh, it was fun! like always, meeting old friends and best buds made me really happy and not lonely. :)
this pic rawks. yeah, not all were there but cool :D it reminds me of dec 31st , 08. same spot, same way but diff ppl. it was with maula. rey, ayep, kumid was there too :)
so this is the famous KAKIS. :D

busy eating at mcd, haha it was after we ate at delifrance. haha gila banyak makan kot aritu. x) gemok la aku pasnii =.= haha aku main sumbat je fries & burger yg adee. delifrance nye speghatti meatballs cam tak sedap o.o adeh, tu yg lapa lg. haha ;p bole kata we all laa yg bising parokk kt sana ahaha adeh funny. org pandang kot xP haha dey all main snap pics, bengang tol pic aku tgh makan pon bole snap =.= haha cehh, kejammmm. saw alia and the gurlz before at delifrance, thought they're coming, but they left. haha. so, we all met heree.
ini kerja adam, kacau aku makan. nonstop snap pic aku kat mcd =.= haha dapat gak aku buang pic buroksss ;D haha cehh. burger ni cam banyak sgt mayo. fyi, aku tak suka mayo. but, just makan, cuz lapo x) adehh. haha muke redho je tgk mayo menitik kt tangan..=.=
skg, aku bersama kakisian yg paling gay yg pernah aku jumpa which is, wan xD
ahaha sumpah gila bangang gay parok kot. comment aku, kata ka blk nnt aku nk raba kau =.= wth? haha fyi; gurauan semata2 kayy, not really gay. x) or mayybeee.. ? hmm ROFL. forgot who took this pic. but it worked, now it's my def on ms/fb :D sorry wan, aku kne crop kau. sebok interframe tak pasal2 xD ahahaa.

adam, seriously kau makan banyak gle kt delifrance tuh. x) haha
fish & chips, pstu abeskan aku punya spaghetti, izzat nye lg, gilee.. hahah xD
haha ye la, kata org rezeki jgn ditolak... haha ritee... sumbat slagi kau boleh damm... x)

the not so yummy spaghetti meatballs and iced cafe mocha.

haha ;D

snap2 jap. escalator photo-shooting. :D

haha now that's what i called LOVE. lol haha rey & kumid memang sepadan ;p
romantik siall!! agak pe jadi kat apish.. ? hmmm ahahaha xP

tha gurlzz ;)
adriana, alia, cuna, nana.
not kumid & ayep! they're boys! haha x)

credits to CHARIL for uploading.

well, that's it yeah.
actually it's a long day. went to tc right after the 'whatthehell' incident with khalifah =.= haha nothing much abt that, kakis won :)). went for shisha there twice, and talks some crappy stuffs, design tee, watched the af students sang *naim,dekna,sidi,rini*. marvelous day lahhh.

October 13, 2009

it's OVER.

hell yeah, the time has come. :)
i got a whole bunch of things to do during my FREE times now with PMR is over :D
haha im sooo happy mannnn.... hope u too ppl.
live long and prosper.

current song - FREEDOM ;D

September 27, 2009


PMR coming
Oct 7th - 13th

imma concentrate on books as it's coming reaal soon.
till next post after pmr :)

and to all pmr candidates.

may the force be with us all ;D

why the long face ?!

yeah why ?!
cuz im SAD. frustrated. not in the mood.
okay, im back in ipoh. yayy. phff !
so, it's time to unload the car.
i was on rush at kuantan when im using my wax and perfume.
then someone took the wax. not the perfume.
so i put it at the back pocket of the car seat.
back to the unloading sh*t.
my dad took out all the stuffs inside the car.
i don't know how it happened, or how he hold.
it was my beloved POLO BLACK !
OMG. *sigh*
sorry would cure the pain. would it ?
heyy, i used it efficiently.
bit by bit. till half left,
i was like, okay, special occasion ONLY.
i love the smell okay.
sh*t. i kept it since end of form 1.
whatever lah.

raya week.

wow wow wow a looong week of raya :) yes, it was fun. but erm, some of them aren't though. first, i travel all the way from ipoh to kelantan. yess, raya in a village.. it's fun u know. u feel the real raya spirit when u're in a village. i ate a lot during raya. HAHA but hey, im getting skinny somehow. hahha cool rite. x) got 150 bucks duit raya. can consider it as sikit lah kan coz economy down, ppl semua kusuutt jeahh. adehh. nvm, bersyukur coz dpt duit raya lg. hahha x) yay!

then it's time for me to travel to kuantan, visit my dearest hometown. OMG. hahah. seriously mmg tak saba nk blk coz nk jmpe friends nd bros all. lepak mega, pg tc or wtv. it was on the 3rd day of raya. something scary happened. first, i was on my way there. then suddenly my dad's car overheated at kg. ank ikan, t'ganu. waited 30mins to let the smokes gone from the engine. filled up the water into the radiator but somehow, it doesn't work. so we had no choice but to go back to kb. =.= while we're waiting for my uncle to come with a tow truck, i went to this hut (wakaf la kan) haha. we were hungryy. but the kedai tutupp :( i lepak there, after text someone, i heard scratching tyres coming from the left. it got louder and louder. hey! it's like a premonition, sddnly i got a vision tht the car is going to hit me. O.O err. INSTANT ACTION! i flipped back. guess what hppnd? the car hit the hut. and the banana trees fell down, spare parts of the car flew away. damn i was lucky. =.= i was in shocked. im shaking like hellllll. ahhh damnn. xO i was fine, still alive. haha

i arrived in kuantan the next day. haha i get to go to megamall. lepak with my sis and capple + rain. we watched Gamer. cool action-packed movie :D haha i passed an eighteen movie on cinemaa. HAHA im fiftheen yeahh. take that GSC :P i rule. heheh. i dont eat a lot. dont know why. guess the fasting effects mybee.. hmm. missed kuantan a lot. wish i could stay there and leave this place :( im nobody here. nobody cares bout me here. nobody knows me here. i dont know ppl. *sigh.

open house at my granny's house ! yeahh. haha the dish is masakan kampung. terengganu style :) me nd capple bakar ikan. sure sedap punya lah hehe ;p capple bakar smpi hangus x) hahaha. i started the fire. im a prooo ;p hehe. enough bout that. few friends came. reyy & ayep too. that's on the noon. at night, it's ayep's open house. haha cool. makanmakan sikit jea la but the cool thing, haha bang bang boom ! hahah mercunn x) we all rocked the whole im 5 ;p haha. cool lah, thanks ayep.

so, that's all i guess. a week of raya. now im nervous. PMR weh. today is 27th. the thing is on 7th. hahhaha gila wehh mati lah akuu klau tak revise dlm sminggu nii. x) so, WISH ME LUCK. lots of them please ! hahaha x) may i get to score with flying coloursssss like rainboww :D oh yeahh. ghee. till next post aitee ;)

September 17, 2009


wishing u guys a very happy raya aidilfitri this sunday.
if i ever made mistake, forgive me.
ppl cant escape from wrong doing that's for sure.
so, hope u forgive me as well. :)
thank you.

hppy hols.


Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'alls neighborhood

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller

September 13, 2009

this IS it !

hell no, im not gonna miss this !
forever MICHAEL :)


these photos taken at cameron.
i was on my way back to ipoh.
we were rushing to arrive as early as we can cuz weyy almost berbuka alreadyy !
hahahh but yeah, we made it justt on time.

September 9, 2009

snapSNAP !!

few shots taken at the backyard in kb.

haha i was bitten by almost 10 mosquitoes at once on my hands when im getting shots x)
omg, damn itchy. plus red ants bit me also =.=
but whatever it is, i enjoyed snapping pics. :D
comments ?
click on the pic for better view :D

September 4, 2009


yummy percik chickens for breaking fast.
one some ? lol.
me & my aunt roasted these a day before merdeka.
had fun cuz relatives from kl joined too.
wow i ate a lot that day xD
haha. well, nothing much to snap cuz busy helping out stuffs.
but i enjoyed it. :)