October 21, 2011

Blackberry Empathy: CONCEPT DESIGN.

The new smartphone designed by Kiki Tang & Daniel Yoon which displays a very high-end touch to it with a mood detector by switching colours according to the user's moods. The new BB does explains a very different shape, size and finishing touches to a very futuristic look. Looks very modern to me. a fierce approach to iPhone, in terms of competition ? Probably. stay tuned. :)

my guess is that it would definitely be a nice phone. though, it's up to the company's brains whether to include a very good way to get more attention among people and how to get closer to the competitor, Apple iPhone. with iPhone 5 is on the verge of birth soon enough, it would be a good time for Blackberry to introduce a brand new close up model to the public. As we all know, Blackberry has been a hit to the people today, but with a new touch.. i think it would catch the eyes of iPhone lovers too, especially with this kind of design. A very elegance model indeed comparing to the previous ones. because to me, the normal BBs' are just too simple to be called smartphone. but with this one, YES. Yes, i might fall for this phone too in case it does come out in the near future. It'll be a very hard call to decide which one's the one. we'll see soon enough, aye ? B-)

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