May 31, 2009

World No Tobacco Day


plus, it's like burning ur money. by cutting down smoking, ur fianaces can be controlled and can be used for other better, useful stuffs that u need. everybody knows it's not just killing u, but ur friends and family too. so, take a second and think about it. go for change, make a difference. u can do it. STOP.


an outstanding game it was yesterday in Wembley. Chelsea fought against Everton with all they got ! a shocking 25 second goal was made by the Everton striker, Saha as an opening goal of the game. not long after that, a sharp head was made by Drogba drove the ball into the goal post which equalized the score to 1-1. later then, a long pass was made to Anelka, passed through the defenders to Lampard. Lampard tripped but managed to rise quickly and shot with his left legs. wonderfully, it's a goal ! with that, Chelsea led by 2-1 and ended the game. Chelsea crowned as the FA Cup Champion '09. a great gift given to the mananger, Guus Hiddink which is leaving for a full time coach of Russia starting today. We will miss him, he is the best manager ever been in Chelsea. He brought Chelsea to the top with such confidence. He promised to return soon, but as replacement, Carlo Ancelotti from AC Milan will take over Chelsea for the next season. Congratulations I wish to Chelsea. May next year will be OUR year. :)

May 29, 2009

awesome !

is finally HERE !

ohhyeaaahhhh !!!
let's sit back, relax, do stuffs u want. :)
forget study a while... :D
games, mall, beach, internet all week. :D
jyeeahh hahaha.
oh im so happy :D

May 28, 2009

a total Messi-cre !

NO quadruple, no Champions League titles and no complaints. GLORY GLORY WHO ??! LOL

im sorry to say that Man Utd lost here today in Rome against the Spaniards, Barcelona for the UEFA Champions League Final. Man Utd was beaten 2-0 with touch of goals from the key players, Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi. Messi did a great job by keeping the game ALIVE. so does Puyol. he's a defender, but he attacked well and defended well. most people said that Barca owns the game. yes, they do and the deserve to lift the trophy. Hey ! who to blame ? not the reffery, for sure. i guess, blame the players ! the players didn't play well, not that serious, defend screwed up, team probs such as CR and Teves are leaving, Ferdinand is not well and bla bla bla... so nothing else can be done now than sitting home, crying and moaning for the trophy next year x) i am trully sorry dear fellow Man United supporters... better luck next year.. IF U HAVE ONE.. ;D

quote: "OH WHHYYY ?!" >:)

speaking FRANCKLY.


are locked in talks to sign

Bayern Munich

ace Franck Ribery for £43million.

May 25, 2009

back in action !

The E.N.D = The Energy Never Dies

June 9, 2009

This album will be the 5th album for Black Eyed Peas.
be sure to buy it. i can bet it will be GOOD !

May 22, 2009

SABS Annual Dinner 2009


Its the time for us to have fun...

As one of the well-known school in Kuantan , Sultan Abu Bakar School aka SABS always come with some prestigious events including this year ANNUAL DINNER. This annual event takes place in usually during mid-year and this year, this event happen on 27 of June..

this year, it is based on Masquerade-Mysterious theme.. and this event is open to everyone who would like to join and to experience the glorious night of SABS students.. mostly ex SABSian are expected to be there.. a lot of great performances and shows will be the main attraction for that night, such as fashion shows , singing from invited guess artists and many more...

tickets are available from any contacts from SABS-form 6 2009.. for more infos , you guys can directly ask members of the board members of MPPT6 of SABS..

you guys are advised to buy tickets for one table. means, gathered 10 friends for per table...and they must be 18++ years old..RM 60 / per ticket.

RM 60/per ticket
Masquerade-Mysterious Theme / Formal Dresscode
7.30 pm - 10.30 pm (official timing)
27 of June 2009
MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan


May 21, 2009

19 and still going !

"Deep in the exotic waters of the South Pacific, 18 strangers will be abandoned on the rugged islands of Samoa, a tropical paradise straight from Robert Louis Stevenson’s legendary tale, Treasure Island,"

"This majestic land of towering waterfalls, mysterious rainforests, and a fierce warrior culture will be the castaways’ home for 39 days. Forced to work together, they must learn to adapt or they will be voted out."

the brand new season Survivor Samoa which is the 19th season will be telecast on late June till mid-August. it continues after the 18th season ended last week, which was the Survivor Tocantins, Brazil is won by J.T

surely can't wait for this season to starts !

it's gonna be awesome !

May 18, 2009

support THEM .

come and join the fun.
support them for a spot in the 2016 Olympic
1. Motorcade to Iconic Buildings in KL
2. Play a Pro
3. Veterans Vs. Juniors
4. Battle of the Sexes
5. Muhibbah Doubles
6. 1Malaysia Team Event
7. Challenge Your Skills: Adults
8. Challenge Your Skills: Children
9. Coaching Clinic & Fun Games for Children
10. Meet celebrities, other sports personalities, tv and radio DJ

9:00am - 1:00pm
Saturday, May 23, 2009
National Squash Centre, Bukit Jalil
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia

panic is on LOOSE !


new iPhone is on its way; 2010


3.2 megapixel camera
auto-focus, video recording and zoom
twice the RAM 128MB to 256MB
double the storage 16GB to 32GB
speedier CPU 400MHz to 600MHz
faster hardware support 7.2Mbps 3G HSUPA
digital compass and FM radio
don't be disappointed guys,
Apple is releasing OS 3.0 for iPhone users somewhere on June. roughly about 1000+ software features including MMS, copy-paste, bluetooth peer to peer, landscape keyboard, iPhone search and voice recorder. it'll be great because the iPhone doesn't support many stuffs before this. yeah i know the new one will be way better, but don't u think that 2010 is wayyy long to go ? am i right ? haha. i can bet most of u can't stand waiting for the new one to come out.. so better use this one first, maybe later in 2010 u guys can think of something to get the new iPhone when it released. :) for me, the iPhone is already the best phone ever. with the tapping and sliding, cool apps and all other stuffs. it just need some repair and add-ons a bit. but that's how they make business.. by keep making new stuffs.

May 17, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

16th May

SK Bukit Sekilau Kuantan,
SMK Sultan Abu Bakar Kuantan,
SMK St. Michael Ipoh.

now, i am almost a genius.

still have few years to come ;D

May 15, 2009

flu ALERT !

Today, Malaysia has confirmed its first case of the A(H1N1) flu aka Swine Flu which came from a 21-year-old student who recently returned from the United States. In a statement, Health Ministry Director-General Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the young man was hospitalized on Thursday after suffering from fever, sore throat and body aches (one of the symptoms of the flu). All the 192 passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH091 from Newark on Wednesday are urged to contact the Health Ministry by calling 03-88810200 or 03-88810300. Yesterday, suspects from Penang and Ipoh was overheard infected with the flu, which both of them also just got back from overseas. they were quarantined in the nearest hospitals. Please be careful people. It is dangerous. Keep away from sick people. Avoid contact with them too and protect ur children, keep them safe. wear protection mask if needed. :)
Thank You


2012 E7 police car





today, my dad bought the iphone 3G by maxis.
dammnnnn cooool ! really excited to hold it for real X) finally, yeah ! black colour, 16GB. still learning how to use, of course... with the tapping and swiping, argh lovely !

digital roll LAPTOP

The D-roll Laptop is designed like an artists tube, which contains a roll up OLED screen and a cool slide out keyboard, it also has a mouse and a web camera which are used as the end caps for the case.

gold plated Porsche


May 14, 2009

new KIT.

09/10 kit

is it nice ? urm, u tell me..... :O
looks kinda weird with the 'patches' on the chest...
haha X) well, the important thing is to win.. looks doesn't counts. ;p

midyear exam

oh shit, exam is onn.....
really sucks lah. but okay la... study a bit, cheat a bit. haha LOL. can't really do stuffs actually, busy like hell man... no fun at all... but as for the weekend coming, fun is coming too. exam's finishing ! ahaaa yeahh. oh, please be quickly. wanna have fun ! go mall, watch Star Trek.. oh ! on wednesday nxt week, got debate against the afternoon session. hmm, i got the points but im kindaa busy can't really focus on it... mall on saturday, horse riding on sunday, studying for maths... no time man, to prepare debate... hmm. some how maybe i can find some time somehow... hope so la ritee.. but whatever it is, wish me luck ;D they're observing me... haha brr.. lala... and OH, 2week holiday is COMING ! yeahh that means FUN. when FUN comes, kuantan comes ! hahah im going back kuantan during the holidayy.. yeahh heads up people.. ;D funfunfun.. wuhooo. but dont be too excited.. trial is coming next.. haha. im scared mann :O

May 13, 2009

a REAL deal !

Cristiano Ronaldo

will sign for Real Madrid after July for 80mil Euro.
Manchester United has signed agreements with Real Madrid yesterday.

finally, they've agreed to transfer Ronaldo. He's free now.. like he wanted. well, i don't know what exactly going to happen to Man U after this.. will Man U stay on top without CR ? with Carlos Teves is linked to go to Liverpool,
will there be any " Glory Glory Man United " ?? the question remained unanswered.. plus, Sir Alex Ferguson, Man U manager, will retire next season.. during the match against Man City last Sunday, Ronaldo was furious after he was subbed by another player after he scored the free kick. He was raged at Fergie. same as last time, as what was reported, Ronaldo was treated like a servant by the United. he calmed down after they agreed to buy a Bentley for him. he's been linked for transfer since last year, but nothing has happened. but now, it's happening. sorry Man U fans, or should i say Ronaldo fans, he's moving... so what will the Ronaldo "lovers" do... ? support Real Madrid now ?? LOL.
wait and see ;D

This will only remain as MEMORIES soon..
" goodbye Sir, goodbye Man U... and goodbye England.
Madrid, here i come.. for Real ! " LOL.

May 12, 2009


The Enterprise is recruiting members ! don't miss the opportunity to become the next captain of the spaceship ! walk-in interview starts from 7 May until 30th.

(dif-tor heh smusma)
-Vulcan language-

hahaha nahh, just joking.
to fellow Trekkies, as they call themselves..
the new Star Trek movie directed by J.J Abrams is on screen NOW from 7th May which will take u to 2387. maybe most of u would say "nahh, im not a trekkie fan, why should i watch?" and "Star Trek SUCKS !". yeah, i knoww, but this time it's different ! TOTALLY. J.J Abrams, who brought u hit tv show Alias and Lost is directing. so, it's gonna be great ! with fresh new characters like Zachary Quinto (Sylar), and Chris Pine, John Cho(Harold) and some other good actors/actresses. so, i suggest all of u NOT to miss this movie. it's gonna be awesome. yeah, im watching too soon, this weekend maybee. ;D
four star rating was given by The Star newspaper for this film.

May 9, 2009

i love u MOM !!

to all mothers in this planet.
especially my own beloved mom.

i love u, mom. ur the best !
ur sacrifice mean everything to me.

as for it, u deserve a day,
and it is Mother's Day.

p/s: please don't keep ur suit as a secret, we all knew that u are supermom. ;D

May 8, 2009


semi-final ref Tom Henning Ovrebo is in danger as he received DEATH THREAT from Chelsea fans, as the result of his STUPID decision to let Chelsea loose in their home ground, Stamford Bridge. The Norwegian refferee was shaken, scared as he was chased by the Chelsea fans, right after the match end. He had to change to to another hotel as he scared the fans would go and find him. Later, he got a police escort to the airport and flew back home, Oslo.
sure its a nightmare for him, but SERVES HIM RIGHT !
i was laughing when i heard the news about him getting a death threat. X)

or you will get it.

This is a f**king disgrace ! - quote from Didier Drogba to ref Ovrebo and TV worldwide.
it is mann, i totally agree. same goes to Chelsea legend, Ron “Chopper” Harris.
I don't know if he is a referee or a thief. He should never referee again ! - quote from Jose Bosingwa.
A load of crap . - quote from UEFA general secretary David Taylor who claims of a plot to stop an all-English final after watching the match.
We are all human beings and it is understandable because they went so close . - quote from Chelsea legend, Gianfranco Zola.
yeah, maybe David Taylor is right !
when quarter finals begin, some speculation was made that the Italian Giants are out of the Champions League, leaving only few clubs left other that the English.
Some said that the UEFA dont want to repeat the last year's game as it is between Man U and
Chelsea, which both from England.

Now, they said that Didier Drogba's career is on the line, resulting from the F-word rant to the ref and in front of the camera. Same goes to Michael Ballack as he shouted to ref after he decline the penalty wich was happened after Drogba shot to Barca's defender's upper hand. It should've been a penalty. But what i think is, they wont sell Drogba as he is one of the best player in Chelsea. maybe match ban would be good enough.. ?

well, PLOTS and Conspiracy was on loose during the match, obviously. but they can't just do like this, don't they ? they can't just let the referee go do bad decesion, and leave it like that.. ? think it guys. don't just go bury the hope for Chelsea to shine. and it's no easy sorry for it. no "there's always next year..", NO ! they worked hard for it. they should've won. maybe, just maybe they could lift the Champion's league trophy... ? who knows...

surely, u can ask anyone who spectated the match. surely they would say it's a stupid match.
don't care whether u are Man U or Liverpool or Arsenal or any other fan, u would say the same.
Just watch the match, and u'll know what i'm saying.

well, what can we do now ?
nothing. just wait for next season, hoping there's no such idiotic referee as Tom Ovrebo.
and hope Chelsea will win and shine to the top !

a true supporter ;D

May 7, 2009


guess what ?
BARCA is goin Rome for final against Man U.

all because of away goal from Barca.
i am
so pissed off !
so disappointed !
so frustrated !
so raged !
so sad !

Chelsea should've won.
5 penalty should've been given !
but noooo... denied by that stupid bald ref !

i can bet, the whole world, who watched this match, would say the same !how can you do like this ? it is so damn stupid ! Chelsea should've won ! urghhh. i was speechless man... cant say a word ! how shocked am i...... worst decision PERIOD. whole squad is blazin ! Stamford Bridge was BOO-ing LOUDLY !

i just hope that Glory Glory Man United will come this 27 May.
as a PAYBACK for what had happen.

hope barca will be humiliated . hahahahhaha ROFL.