June 29, 2010

hoho what a weekend. had fun chillin in hotel, eatin breakfast, watch football matches 3 days straight :D the cold is almost gone so yay. resulted from a good night sleep. went to couz's house at alam impian, aunt's lunch party at damansara and followed my sis shopping at jusco bukit tinggi. what a mall. damn big weh. haha. andd duhh, back to school today. first time late here in GR. shit, gotta stand at the side of the stage, kena spot checked then kutip sampah at the side. but i found none, so i took off :) lalala... bio teacher forced me to do the school's mid year exam paper 1 there and then if not, no recess. great --" i copied, and chowed :D accidentally met the debate teacher, so gave my name to him then anbd he said, yeahh we here are not like the michaelian.. they all are the best, famous.. we're not really.. (jealous much? lolz) so, i'll call you when we have anything okayy ? okay.. he said to join the gaval club *didn't hear it correctly, so mind the spelling* haha ohh, turns out it's a public speaking club. err i don't think i like it better than debate --" like boring lah blablabla without any interruptions. i love when speaking, suddenly.. P.O.I !!!! hahaha :DDD so all things are solved, except one more thing. unit beruniform. HAHA tak register lagi. ohh yeah, tmorow ada meeting rumah sukan. next moth's gonna be the sport's day. on track. HAHA semua diwajibkan ambil bahagian sebab ini ialah sekolah sukan negeri --" okayy.. haih. i haven't been active for months. busy, tired, lazy. haha. well, wtv. ohh, football. spain vs portugal tonight. i want portugal to win :D should be good. hoho. my tean, holland will go against brazil soon in quarte final. tough but exciting :D this ough to be good. jyeahhh HUP HOLLAND :D still not using phone, kak long stole mine *sedih*. can't wait for the w-cup final, sport's day, next kl & kuantan trip :)

till next post, TTFN :)

June 25, 2010

chee ~

oh hey ppl, just fillin some gap by posting today. tonight i'm goin kl, stayin at armada hotel until monday. oh godd i miss kl ^__^ uhuh guess what, i cooked just now. hoho. made spaghetti and yeah, it was fun. and tasty too.. don't know why but they loved it. haa new school, smkgr. it's goin good. i'm starting to fit in the place. it's funny when i'm there, it's almost like sabs-smart environment. quite good, comfortable there.. getting to know a bunch of people there was okay cuz they aren't stubborn.. just get along, smile and talk. lol hmm, i don't think i have anything else to say right now. go ORANJE :)

hasta la vista babayy !

to you MJ :)

it's been a year now. you're still number one. rest in peace, michael jackson :)
the king of pop.

June 21, 2010

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010

Usher Live In Malaysia 2010

Date: 7th July 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue: National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prices: RM488, RM288, RM188 (Numbered Seats), RM428, RM348 (Rock Zone Free Standing) & RM98 (Free Seating)
Tickets: On sale via Axcess Tickets
Ticket Hotline: +603 7711 5000

i'm back

once again, i'm here in ipoh. although i had lots of fun back in my hometown, still i miss the ipoh's environment a lil bit. lol sched's bit packed with world cup in session. ahh what can i do, imma football fanatic. well, not as crazy as you seem but yeahh, i can say that i watched 99% of the matches played. never missed a single chelsea match before. that explains everything right. oh yeahh, with me back in ipoh, it means... fast internet :D haha that's more exciting than school's reopening. blekh back to uniform --" got another year to finish then only i can trash those craps. haa sorry, not posting bout the hols in this post. i'm a bit sleepy right now. i'll catch up soon. just replying some of the comments and wtv stuffs. oh and yeah. GO HOLLAND :D

tata !


June 18, 2010


been busy this holiday. can't update yet.. sorry. i'll get back to ya'll next week kayy :)

toodles :)

June 9, 2010


haha got my pic from facebook, the group. this pic was taken during semaphore test. that time i know nuts abt it, lol so every movement was directed by sairul. lol muka budak abes ag time nii.. hahaha tale bla. :B haha wow i miss troop 10, i miss sabs. sighh.

June 8, 2010

say what ?

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaaa (ak-47)

imagining the situation or should i say conflict in gaza. wow, it's gettin worse isn't it ? totally gone out of control since the americans are like protecting them --" hands down, they're the worst kind of people ever lived. no mercy at all. and shit, trying to wipe out the palestinians slowly. started with a small fight to a war which then claimed the people's land as their land. cruel no shit. well, it's not a surprise though.. but the thing's goin on here is really creating a havoc around the globe.

recent news abt the attack shook us well among the malaysian. just the thing is for me.. not to say anything bad or what.. well i don't think, in my point of view that boycotting products or just a shout out in social network would help a thing. this is because first, boycott. yes it's a franchise from america or israel but the holdings is in malaysia. so, this means that the workers are malaysian, the sources are malaysian, the profit is among malaysian. example, mc donald's is from golden arch sdn bhd company (if wasn't mistaken). so totally supporting my point there. then, shout outs ? not if you make it on media but still, such a waste of time. the thing is, people don't even care abt this. oh, no it doesn't mean that i don't care when i say these things but just trying to think logically. seriously, even though a thousand or billion people gathered for a rally.. i can bet nothing would be happening. CONSPIRACY, ladies and gentlemen :)

what will you get when you have the most powerful country aiding you every single penny ? easy. money, power, EVERYTHING ! seriously. nuclear ? tanker ? fighter jet ? name it. they'll get it. so there goes the united nation.. which under control of the usa govts. what can the others do ? what can WE do ? nothing. right ? seems aweful and sadist to hear/know this things and just letting it happen without any help given. years past, even a media news was fixed to say that the number of the people killed in war, israeli was higher than the palestinians. which you know, was the other way around. the only way to stop this i guess is by giving a one big hit on them. don't care how or what kind.. make sure all the countries act as one, go against them.

god have mercy on the palestinians. save gaza from terror, bring down israel for good, once and for all. live long and prosper people. :F

iPhone 4G

  • The new design has metal sides, round volume buttons and it's almost a quarter thinner than the iPhone 3GS.
  • There is also a camera on the front of the phone for video calls and the second camera on the rear - much clearer at five megapixels - has an LED flash.
  • And a 'retina display' means four times the pixels can fit in the same space as before while the battery is improved with 40 hours of music and 300 hours of standby time.
  • Another key feature is multi-tasking which allows users to run more than one app at a time.
  • The phone looks exactly like the prototype first leaked after an Apple employee accidentally left it in a bar.

make over much ?

soo.. guess i've changed my blog appearance..finally..thanks to yasmeen nadhirah ;D it's all whity with like titsy bitsy of orange and red. what can i do... fav colours. yeahh whee round of applause :P don't like it ? stfu. AHHAAA... ladadadaaaa.. it's 4.30 am and i just don't know what to do. haih. should get some sleep by now. goin school tmrow gettin docs & files. bit furious with the teachers act... i'd asked them for it like last week. they didn't bother. not till the black & white's there. andd finally, there you have it. now, i'm just hoping i could get it in time right before i'm leaving to kb. sounds enthusiastic huh to change.. erm not fully cuz like i don't know how they roll there.. how the students act, the teachers teach and other stuffs. with me involved in debating.. shit mr. waran like spreading words to the teachers in gr. omgee soo not looking for a high expectations.. wanna get low.. maybe for a couple of months ? guess so. hm. oh yeah, elvis presley is in the house. just listen for a while. uhuhhh ! thank you very much ! *swipe your hair a bit, sway your body and wink ;D lolz. er guess this just it for now. see yaa laytarr waliigatorrr ! hahahaa damn i missed that cartoon.

peace :B

June 7, 2010


yesterday pergi kenduri kahwin my neighbour and my dad's worker. the first was at 12pm. ahaa gila babi mengantuk syialll.. aku dah la pukul 8am tu baru nk tido --" bayang 4 hours je tido adeh. then okay lah yg first tuu cam bse lahh lagu slamat pengantin baru. adeh tatau npe that day my dad a bit delighted, tiba2 die kata jom menari. HAHAHA. haa lagu pengantin baru, joget. ahaha adeh. kepala aku shot jap, sembang pun tah ape tak masuk akal jee. haha tears of joy makin stupid jokes with my sister. sampai tale makan dibuatnye. ahahah. adeh. okay, lps pengantin tu dah duduk nk makan, we all blaa.. balik, naik kete pg yg satu lg. pg2 tu ahaa aku pelik. aik, asal cam ramai mamak ni ? heh ? ade org pakai sari ? ye dokk.. ohh ke ni yg lain kot.. then masuk dalammm. the whole freakin mamak community in ipoh was there attending her wed. shit, i felt different. HAHA diam je laa.. duduk, tgk diorg snap pics. pstu lagu diorg tade lah pengantin baru pe sme.. lagu hindustan lak. ape tuh, kush2 hota he lah, ape lah. adeh pening aku . eheh :P mummy kata tape lahh.. experience.. haa ye lah experience --" so then i beg them to go home.. COME ONNN !! then dapat lah. yay. oops. hehe sorry. i was sleepy actually.. that's why laa. then went home, got a chance to online a while.. update a bit.. then just took of my shirt, sleep. haha tak seda terus lps tu.. haa i woke up.. like shocked for a sec. 7.30 am, monday. what ? monday.. WHATT ?!! hahaha munyit beto. another day of overslept. so, now.. just updating.. again. heard that fara's coming today. yay lama tak jumpa. so that's just it i guess. oh yeah, i won't be updating much soon cuz on wed, i'll be in kb. monday, kuantan <3

toodles :)

June 6, 2010

are we goin too fast ?

i was wondering.. as we had lots of things happened lately in the country such like economy down fall, by-elections, political wars, passing of late sultans.. could things gone easier rather than this one shot plans by our latest prime minister, najib which really did shocked the citizens.. subsidy cuts.. no more oil subs, edu subs, food subs and lots and lots more. this results to.... there you go, PRICE HIKE ! seriously i'm telling you.. my vision for next few years would be hard ones. oil price up, groceries up, even goods are up. tax tax tax. tax here and there. this will go till 2014 said him and i don't think people could hang on till next 4 years with these kind of prices unless, the workers.. govt. sector and also prvt. sector's salary are raised. somehow i don't see that coming as the government said the reason for all these ideas are because of the debts.

let's say the current price for a pack of cig would cost $10.. when in MY, they subsidized it for the people by making it rm6.40 (min) . they are losing money right there. same goes to other stuffs such as attires, foods, transportation and ect. yeah, it wouldn't be fair to some people whom are unaffordable or to say doesn't have enough income to survive himself and his family. not just that.. person's wants and needs are there together guys. you would love to go for movies, you would love to shop a few clothes sometimes and such foods like mcdonald's, kfc, pizza and other chain fast food restaurants lovely to dine with. maybe this would hurt most of them. the result/feedback would be devastating. the govt would probably lose their campaigns in by-elections, lose their supporters and such just because of a price hiking. hey, let's not get too absurd. somehow the govt. trying to pull our country to a better future leading to the famous vision 2020 by tun dr. mahathir mohd.. ? who knows. i'm betting that things would be according to plans IF they do it bit by bit.. one step at a time. or it'll lead to what i've said earlier isn't it ?

let's not get too stuttered ladies and gentlemen. they are all educated personnels just trying to serve the nation.. might as well gaining a reputation or name among the citizen.. who knows. different people, different thoughts right ? let it alone and us, the people.. keep an eye on it, watch and see how it'll go.. and how good/bas it'll turn. i'm just hoping the best from our pm, do ya thing bro. hope it goes well without effecting us BADLY. the news itself already shook us to the pits of hell. lol c'mon govt.. cheer us up a lil bit by just limiting it rather than cutting it all off. right people ? hands down, malaysia is really on track for development and one of the top developing countries which are on fast pace of movement in terms of gaining status as developed and recognized by the world or simply said, first world countries which are in optimum level.

i'll end this post by just giving you something to think. how to act and confront this issue when it do really happens in the near future. be prepared, save some cash for future, spend with care.. live long and prosper :)

June 5, 2010


kenapa bila aku ada kedit, tade org nk msg. bila aku dah abes kedit, abes org nk msg.
bongok beto. haih haha


banyak betul aku snap pic smlm.
malas ah nk upload. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T.T

June 2, 2010


it's always hard isn't it to say goodbye ?
yeah, get this. i'm facing it twice. about 3 years ago, and soon to be on friday. it'll be my last day in smi. sorry guys, such beautiful years it was.. but things changed. i know, now's the best time to have fun together and stuffs.. but i just can't bear the shits happening around. i know, next year will be our last.. but nahh, sorry i can't go on there. i just think i need to move on, try out new stuffs. guess it's good for me huh ? hm. damn. really i'm not feeling good. i'm gonna miss all you people. gonna miss the debates, the canteen, the #@&*@$ teachers. lmao. yeah, running away from the teachers.. hiding when they're looking at us, play football/basketball during p&p.. haha (asked, "eh dey, what subject now laa ur class ?" "haa ? i donno. haha" or "chemy, maths, +maths") lol like don't care only. just play. haha. i remember during exam last 2 week. we were playing football, after recess got chemy. play play play like no exam goin on. haha. then vellu came, all ran away like mad people . bahaha scambleeee. 5mins later, continue playing. haha damn fun. it was this one day.. veeraya was on stage, calling out ponteng people. haha all of us was closing faces. cuz we ponteng bio. bahaha one by one... 4sc5 gone. haha. all go front. only left like 10 ppl. ahaha. memories :)) i remember my debating times.. walk around.. go here and there.. like nobody's business. haha then go international school, make friends.. laugh.. go kl, chill only, go mall and stuffs. haha cool laa. well, actually there's lot more but nah, i should just cut it down. so this'll be the last. thanks guys, for the memories :)