September 26, 2012

Movie Reviews

okay, so these are the movies i'd watched so far for the past 3 days. lol free time ? study week guys. study week. got nothing else to do. time to enjoy myself with what's left for these past few months i'd missed since starting classes in UiTM. thank god my dad installed the new internet plan, i could just download these blu-ray rip movies in less than a day. hoyehh. well, more movies to come.. so, the review ? okay.

First, The Dictator. ya'll might notice the song i'm playing now.. that, is the OST from the movie. yeah, sounds stupid. hahahha xD okay, if you guys wanna watch this.. the muslims especially.. try to be open minded. it's just a joke. and no, i don't see anything beyond sensitivity in here. it's funny ! really. despite the govts in a few countries.. including Malaysia, decided to ban this movie. it's nice. you guys should watch if you feel like having a humorous atmosphere. Verdict: 4/5

Now, Prometheus. okay obviously it's a Sci-Fi movie. maybe it doesn't give out a good action but this movie, definitely give you a hard time thinking what's the purpose, why would they do this and that, what'll be the outcome. it's actually an adventurous movie. you'll crave for answers. no, i don't want to spoil no movie.. so you guys should watch it. Verdict ? 3/5

Safe. what does that have any relation to the movie ? idk either. but it's a very good action movie. about an ex cop, trying to free himself out of misery.. stumbled apon a girl who might change is day. yes, i'm bad in giving out a synopsis. lol so i recommend you to watch it to know the details. it's good. verdict: 4/5

Red Tails ? if you like planes, shooting.. watch it. it's nice. it's about a group of Negro airforce army struggling to be a part of the war in WWII. it's good. Verdict: 3/5

ahh yes, Red Lights. stunning. love magic ? do watch it. love to know what's behind magic or the "conspiracy" in it ? yes go on. it's about a scientific study trying to find/prove the truth of magic or simply to indicate whether they are a true people with powers or just a lame fraud. nice movie. recommended. Verdict: 4/5

Alas, The Cabin In The Woods. if you think this is another cliche of a serial killer movie ? think again. well, it does have a few elements in it. but it'll make you think again. it's an okay movie. not too good, not too bad. but there's always a surprise element in it. watch to know more. Verdict: 3/5

more to come.. till next post, ciao ;)