October 9, 2011

Election .

okay, today's post is more towards current issue. i guess all of us here in Malaysia know that GE's coming soon enough. it's the 13th, fyi. so general election basically gone through for some time, can say smoothly with the government getting 2/3 seating as usual. though, a shock came in during the last GE where the government, Barisan Nasional had a setback where the opposition, Pakatan Rakyat which consist of DAP, PKR & PAS altogether gain the people's choice by winning 1/3 of the seating in the Parliament. that just shook the people. obviously, the govt did something wrong there. they didn't focus on what the people wants and needs. it was the Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's reigning era where there he had to step down as a result of the people's choices. then came Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as a replacement, bringing in a whole new set of ideas and ways on how to tackle the people's hearts. 1 Malaysia was introduced and few other transformation plans to replace/rebuild the mistakes or what the govt didn't see.

okay, let's just skip the intro. my idea for this post today is about the election. as we all know, the only way you could gain the rights to actually vote for either the govt or the oppo, 21 years old is the age. currently. the reason i brought this up is because as we all know, sometimes we could actually debate on the right age to vote. yes, the main concern is that some might think that no, the age is correct. perfect timing in terms of mind set. you are matured enough to think, to act and to know what's right and what's wrong by observing and implementing your rights and beliefs. as time passes by, with all the technologies and knowledge we currently have. by far in my point of view, it is time for the age to be put lower. those days, the people don't have enough mediums to learn from or to observe from. television, internet, desktop/laptop, mobile phones and school are not by far a necessity to all. maybe the total income and job opportunities aren't as much and as high as today. no, what i mean is that some don't get what others have those days. but you see today as instance, majority of Malaysian citizen owns at least a laptop/desktop, a television and access to internet and cable tv (Astro). hardly these days we see a common household do not own either one of these. these, ladies & gentlemen are making us think forward, learn further and more mature in terms of mind set. yes, undeniable that some are still struggling to proceed to the right standard but what i see in Malaysian today is that we've grown. 53 years of independence taught us a lot. we learnt a lot. 

i personally think that it's time the government to think about making a few changes about the election. let's look on the bright side, we become more mature. we will think deeper on our rights and by choosing the right person to lead is important. together as well, declining the ideas of politics are lame and boring. youths today do need a jump start. make us think further. make us choose the right decision.who knows, from here we could find a future good leader somewhere among the youths that could lead our country further and beyond one day ? we will further understand the meaning and the importance of election, politics and having the right person leading for the sake of our future, the youths and yes, to the future generations as well. off record, the number of votes will be increased by the escalating number of voters if this is implemented. that will make them feel better, don't they ? lol. okay, fine by that. the thing is, people like me do think about this often. i continuously follow on to the news and things spoken by the politicians. i don't suggest 17 years old should vote but then, at least the age should be lowered. it's up to the parliament's discussion about this matter. if you ask me, i'll put a rage between 18 to 20. 21 is just too long, too far. let's make them excited to vote. just like how blood donation campaign are approached to youths. i myself contributed, twice so far this year. how about that ? i'm just opening the eyes of the people that someone do care about the country. about what's good for a change according to the timeline. it's 2011, people. a decade passed in the new millennium. think about it. 

with that, i rest my case. thank you. :)

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