October 25, 2011

How To Unblock Sites .

Okay, particularly majority of internet users in Malaysia are pissed off with the move made by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) which was by BLOCKING a few sites due to data  theft/piracy prevention scheme, which are :


This is the official black & white.

Okay, how brilliant can more internet be ? lol okay, i figured out a simple step to "blind" the blockage. hahhaha super happy cuz you don't have to struggle to download stuffs anymore. say hello to Google DNS ;D hahaha just follow the steps precisely and you'll be good to continue. B-)

okay, last word.... IN YOUR FACE, Rais Yatim ! MCMC too ! 



fnnmnsn said...

can u teach me how to block sites? like for example i wanna block facebook, how should i do it?

яə╳ said...

well, i know the easy way.. hard one works better but you know.. it's complicating.. this is the way e.g; if you're using Google Chrome, just click the customize & control settings by the top-right (below the close button), go to option, under the bonnet, content settings, manage exceptions. put www.facebook.com in the host name and change the behavior to Block. for IE, just go to internet option, privacy, sites and enter the pages and click block.

by doing this, the site can't be accessed(test it by logging in). though, you could still open the webpage of facebook but not able to enter. try searching for "Host" . this program can actually block the site all the way as if there is a connection prob. happy blocking. :D

anyway, thanks for visiting. cheers ;D

fnnmnsn said...

thnks :) and this article of unblocking sites really help me :) keep up the good work.