March 23, 2013


eh apedia, dah study week ? fuuuuuuuuu bia betul hahaha. gila cepat masa berlalu. aku rasa baru je daftar sem haritu dh nk habis dh. haihh. anyway, my final examination is coming soon. ECO162 - 28/3,  CTU151 - 31/3, BEL260 - 3/4, MAT112 - 5/4, MKT243 - 10/4 and lastly ACC116 - 14/4. all i can say is the subjects are somewhat challenging but i believe i can make it through this time. wishing and praying real hard not to repeat any paper this term cuz if i do, a farewell bid to my colleagues in Chendering. :'(

oh btw, after final.. this is what i'm looking forward to. i'm one of the participants contesting under UiTM Kuala Terengganu (Chendering) contingent. there are a few activities, those are Orienteering, EOQ (Bike, Kayak, Walk), Jalan Lasak, Volleyball, Sand Castle and Theatre with Tokoh Pahlawan theme. All of these will take place at UiTM Terengganu (Dungun) for 4 days, 26th till 29th of April. I wish all of you commanders nationwide a very best luck. keep the stamina up, give your best shot & fight till finish. kekalkan semangat komander anda, sentiasa berpegang kepada konsep berilmu & berdisiplin. insyaallah, segalanya akan dipermudahkan. salam 1 komander, jumpa anda semua di sana nanti. SHARK SQUAD we beat the sea B-)

January 20, 2013

January .

let's greet 2013 with some stories. first off, happy new year. i might be too late for that but oh heck. life's been busy for this semester even it's only the beginning of the year. recently, a few events took place here in UiTM KT aka Chendering and those that i've participated elsewhere throughout campuses. SAF UiTM Shah Alam track & field, Talkshow with Hilal Ashraf, Cabaran Manusia Bionik @ Dungun & yesterday.. guiding fellow part 4 for their module. upcoming events are Sambutan Maulidul Rasul and this.. YAM Tuan Antah Mount Datuk Challenge @ N9 which i still yet to confirm the participation. despite being the last batch of Chendering, as we know here that it'll be over soon for us... life's fun out here. yes, we're small in size of campus but i believe this made us better is coordination of managements and activities. studies are proven to be challenging as we proceed higher, no doubt. but that's fair if you ask me. just gotta work harder.

UiTM Terengganu Track & Field team. we rock \m/

breakfast with fellow commanders before module part 4 yesterday. it was tiring yet fun. :)

this, is what i'm looking forward for :D

rooms been messy lately since the closing of YPK with the presence of a few sets more furnitures but we managed to find a right layout to overcome the situation. bit tight in space but okay laa. can't be too demanding since i'd asked a lot to my gain with the pihak kolej kann haha thanks for understanding anyway. after 2 months grad from  LIBK, i found out life with the commanders are proven to be exciting. more things i could do to make use of my spare times minus gaming day and night lol. ye lah kan, macam semalam. jaga module part 4, i get my cut of allowance. makan pun special.. bukan ruti and air mineral cam yg lain mwehehe. kalau ada events baru relating to sports or challenges we are the first to be called apon to take part or take charge. fun laa if you ask me. banyak benda boleh dapat if you ask about the benefits. oh, just to clear off the rumors, no.. being a commander does not make you have less time to study, less time to chill and relax. to be honest, it's still the same.. only the difference is, we make use of the wasted spare times with some activities. haha. wtv. not important. anyway, it went good yesterday and it's awesome. the talkshow with Hilal Asyraf.. it turned out to be smooth. good run by the organizers, which are us all as well lol.  a few slots relating to Gaza, sales of pin buttons and scarves. okay laa nice. 

since i'm too lazy to type... more stories on the next post. (unless i could speak and it'll type out automatically hahaha) have a nice day, ciao. ;D