June 29, 2010

hoho what a weekend. had fun chillin in hotel, eatin breakfast, watch football matches 3 days straight :D the cold is almost gone so yay. resulted from a good night sleep. went to couz's house at alam impian, aunt's lunch party at damansara and followed my sis shopping at jusco bukit tinggi. what a mall. damn big weh. haha. andd duhh, back to school today. first time late here in GR. shit, gotta stand at the side of the stage, kena spot checked then kutip sampah at the side. but i found none, so i took off :) lalala... bio teacher forced me to do the school's mid year exam paper 1 there and then if not, no recess. great --" i copied, and chowed :D accidentally met the debate teacher, so gave my name to him then anbd he said, yeahh we here are not like the michaelian.. they all are the best, famous.. we're not really.. (jealous much? lolz) so, i'll call you when we have anything okayy ? okay.. he said to join the gaval club *didn't hear it correctly, so mind the spelling* haha ohh, turns out it's a public speaking club. err i don't think i like it better than debate --" like boring lah blablabla without any interruptions. i love when speaking, suddenly.. P.O.I !!!! hahaha :DDD so all things are solved, except one more thing. unit beruniform. HAHA tak register lagi. ohh yeah, tmorow ada meeting rumah sukan. next moth's gonna be the sport's day. on track. HAHA semua diwajibkan ambil bahagian sebab ini ialah sekolah sukan negeri --" okayy.. haih. i haven't been active for months. busy, tired, lazy. haha. well, wtv. ohh, football. spain vs portugal tonight. i want portugal to win :D should be good. hoho. my tean, holland will go against brazil soon in quarte final. tough but exciting :D this ough to be good. jyeahhh HUP HOLLAND :D still not using phone, kak long stole mine *sedih*. can't wait for the w-cup final, sport's day, next kl & kuantan trip :)

till next post, TTFN :)


nurathirahzahriman said...

its gavel club..
for correction yeah!!haha

яə╳ said...

ahhh, right.. GAVEL !
lmao somehow i've gotten it right. :P