June 8, 2010

say what ?

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaaa (ak-47)

imagining the situation or should i say conflict in gaza. wow, it's gettin worse isn't it ? totally gone out of control since the americans are like protecting them --" hands down, they're the worst kind of people ever lived. no mercy at all. and shit, trying to wipe out the palestinians slowly. started with a small fight to a war which then claimed the people's land as their land. cruel no shit. well, it's not a surprise though.. but the thing's goin on here is really creating a havoc around the globe.

recent news abt the attack shook us well among the malaysian. just the thing is for me.. not to say anything bad or what.. well i don't think, in my point of view that boycotting products or just a shout out in social network would help a thing. this is because first, boycott. yes it's a franchise from america or israel but the holdings is in malaysia. so, this means that the workers are malaysian, the sources are malaysian, the profit is among malaysian. example, mc donald's is from golden arch sdn bhd company (if wasn't mistaken). so totally supporting my point there. then, shout outs ? not if you make it on media but still, such a waste of time. the thing is, people don't even care abt this. oh, no it doesn't mean that i don't care when i say these things but just trying to think logically. seriously, even though a thousand or billion people gathered for a rally.. i can bet nothing would be happening. CONSPIRACY, ladies and gentlemen :)

what will you get when you have the most powerful country aiding you every single penny ? easy. money, power, EVERYTHING ! seriously. nuclear ? tanker ? fighter jet ? name it. they'll get it. so there goes the united nation.. which under control of the usa govts. what can the others do ? what can WE do ? nothing. right ? seems aweful and sadist to hear/know this things and just letting it happen without any help given. years past, even a media news was fixed to say that the number of the people killed in war, israeli was higher than the palestinians. which you know, was the other way around. the only way to stop this i guess is by giving a one big hit on them. don't care how or what kind.. make sure all the countries act as one, go against them.

god have mercy on the palestinians. save gaza from terror, bring down israel for good, once and for all. live long and prosper people. :F

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