June 21, 2010

i'm back

once again, i'm here in ipoh. although i had lots of fun back in my hometown, still i miss the ipoh's environment a lil bit. lol sched's bit packed with world cup in session. ahh what can i do, imma football fanatic. well, not as crazy as you seem but yeahh, i can say that i watched 99% of the matches played. never missed a single chelsea match before. that explains everything right. oh yeahh, with me back in ipoh, it means... fast internet :D haha that's more exciting than school's reopening. blekh back to uniform --" got another year to finish then only i can trash those craps. haa sorry, not posting bout the hols in this post. i'm a bit sleepy right now. i'll catch up soon. just replying some of the comments and wtv stuffs. oh and yeah. GO HOLLAND :D

tata !


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