June 25, 2010

chee ~

oh hey ppl, just fillin some gap by posting today. tonight i'm goin kl, stayin at armada hotel until monday. oh godd i miss kl ^__^ uhuh guess what, i cooked just now. hoho. made spaghetti and yeah, it was fun. and tasty too.. don't know why but they loved it. haa new school, smkgr. it's goin good. i'm starting to fit in the place. it's funny when i'm there, it's almost like sabs-smart environment. quite good, comfortable there.. getting to know a bunch of people there was okay cuz they aren't stubborn.. just get along, smile and talk. lol hmm, i don't think i have anything else to say right now. go ORANJE :)

hasta la vista babayy !

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haz-ONE said...

gud for u brother.. (^_^) take care..