June 6, 2010

are we goin too fast ?

i was wondering.. as we had lots of things happened lately in the country such like economy down fall, by-elections, political wars, passing of late sultans.. could things gone easier rather than this one shot plans by our latest prime minister, najib which really did shocked the citizens.. subsidy cuts.. no more oil subs, edu subs, food subs and lots and lots more. this results to.... there you go, PRICE HIKE ! seriously i'm telling you.. my vision for next few years would be hard ones. oil price up, groceries up, even goods are up. tax tax tax. tax here and there. this will go till 2014 said him and i don't think people could hang on till next 4 years with these kind of prices unless, the workers.. govt. sector and also prvt. sector's salary are raised. somehow i don't see that coming as the government said the reason for all these ideas are because of the debts.

let's say the current price for a pack of cig would cost $10.. when in MY, they subsidized it for the people by making it rm6.40 (min) . they are losing money right there. same goes to other stuffs such as attires, foods, transportation and ect. yeah, it wouldn't be fair to some people whom are unaffordable or to say doesn't have enough income to survive himself and his family. not just that.. person's wants and needs are there together guys. you would love to go for movies, you would love to shop a few clothes sometimes and such foods like mcdonald's, kfc, pizza and other chain fast food restaurants lovely to dine with. maybe this would hurt most of them. the result/feedback would be devastating. the govt would probably lose their campaigns in by-elections, lose their supporters and such just because of a price hiking. hey, let's not get too absurd. somehow the govt. trying to pull our country to a better future leading to the famous vision 2020 by tun dr. mahathir mohd.. ? who knows. i'm betting that things would be according to plans IF they do it bit by bit.. one step at a time. or it'll lead to what i've said earlier isn't it ?

let's not get too stuttered ladies and gentlemen. they are all educated personnels just trying to serve the nation.. might as well gaining a reputation or name among the citizen.. who knows. different people, different thoughts right ? let it alone and us, the people.. keep an eye on it, watch and see how it'll go.. and how good/bas it'll turn. i'm just hoping the best from our pm, do ya thing bro. hope it goes well without effecting us BADLY. the news itself already shook us to the pits of hell. lol c'mon govt.. cheer us up a lil bit by just limiting it rather than cutting it all off. right people ? hands down, malaysia is really on track for development and one of the top developing countries which are on fast pace of movement in terms of gaining status as developed and recognized by the world or simply said, first world countries which are in optimum level.

i'll end this post by just giving you something to think. how to act and confront this issue when it do really happens in the near future. be prepared, save some cash for future, spend with care.. live long and prosper :)

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