June 8, 2010

make over much ?

soo.. guess i've changed my blog appearance..finally..thanks to yasmeen nadhirah ;D it's all whity with like titsy bitsy of orange and red. what can i do... fav colours. yeahh whee round of applause :P don't like it ? stfu. AHHAAA... ladadadaaaa.. it's 4.30 am and i just don't know what to do. haih. should get some sleep by now. goin school tmrow gettin docs & files. bit furious with the teachers act... i'd asked them for it like last week. they didn't bother. not till the black & white's there. andd finally, there you have it. now, i'm just hoping i could get it in time right before i'm leaving to kb. sounds enthusiastic huh to change.. erm not fully cuz like i don't know how they roll there.. how the students act, the teachers teach and other stuffs. with me involved in debating.. shit mr. waran like spreading words to the teachers in gr. omgee soo not looking for a high expectations.. wanna get low.. maybe for a couple of months ? guess so. hm. oh yeah, elvis presley is in the house. just listen for a while. uhuhhh ! thank you very much ! *swipe your hair a bit, sway your body and wink ;D lolz. er guess this just it for now. see yaa laytarr waliigatorrr ! hahahaa damn i missed that cartoon.

peace :B


Yasmeen Razak said...
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яə╳ said...

haah laa, adee ! awh ! hahaha ;D