July 1, 2010

wink !

goddd im so fucking tired today, yesterday. don't even bother to know why. skipped the meeting :P oh yeah, im in YELLOW house. forced me to pay 2 bucks --" wtv lahh. things goin good else than that. went back to St. Michael's today. waaa really miss them seriously :( i went there to get my docs but the teacher isn't there --" went home dyy... tiuuuuu... haa, then got nothing to do, chatted with Ji Zen, Chris, Daniel, Joel, Shawn & few others. hahha talked crap (as always) haha. superman's a faggot ! go spiderman ;) hahahha. oh, i bought the psp memory card adapter. finally i could use my own memory card adapter instead of using my bro's who is always nagging nagging naaaaaggiiiiiingg when i'm using his one. blehh. wtv. rushed myself to ipoh parade... saw a new store, apple store ! whee finally an official apple store in ipoh :D cool stuffs are there even though it's not as big as the Machine in Mid Valley. i think i'll check that store out soon someday. tmrow is friday, 11.50 go home :D yay. gotta go there again to get it. hopefully the teacher is there --" yesterday and today no football, so resting time . slept early for the first time in a month. 4pm till 6.30am haha. some saying i'm hibernating. wtf. hahah can't wake myself up till i'm fully rest, sorry :)) ohhh it's been a while i didn't sign in my hotmail. 9409 inbox messages. bahaha. oh and one of them is this... http://bloginterviewer.com/movies/the-extravaganza-farris-daniel . check it out. it's a blog interview. i did that a few weeks ago after a comment in this blog asking me to answer a few questions for blog interview. lol i just hentam onlyyy. hahha it's fun though, read it laa. thinking of goin for a movie this weeked but idk, see first. damn lot of new stuffs coming in and i'm f-ing busy. even don't have enough time to go online... hmm, guess this is it.till next post yaww.

have a good day ;)

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