May 12, 2009


The Enterprise is recruiting members ! don't miss the opportunity to become the next captain of the spaceship ! walk-in interview starts from 7 May until 30th.

(dif-tor heh smusma)
-Vulcan language-

hahaha nahh, just joking.
to fellow Trekkies, as they call themselves..
the new Star Trek movie directed by J.J Abrams is on screen NOW from 7th May which will take u to 2387. maybe most of u would say "nahh, im not a trekkie fan, why should i watch?" and "Star Trek SUCKS !". yeah, i knoww, but this time it's different ! TOTALLY. J.J Abrams, who brought u hit tv show Alias and Lost is directing. so, it's gonna be great ! with fresh new characters like Zachary Quinto (Sylar), and Chris Pine, John Cho(Harold) and some other good actors/actresses. so, i suggest all of u NOT to miss this movie. it's gonna be awesome. yeah, im watching too soon, this weekend maybee. ;D
four star rating was given by The Star newspaper for this film.

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