May 7, 2009


guess what ?
BARCA is goin Rome for final against Man U.

all because of away goal from Barca.
i am
so pissed off !
so disappointed !
so frustrated !
so raged !
so sad !

Chelsea should've won.
5 penalty should've been given !
but noooo... denied by that stupid bald ref !

i can bet, the whole world, who watched this match, would say the same !how can you do like this ? it is so damn stupid ! Chelsea should've won ! urghhh. i was speechless man... cant say a word ! how shocked am i...... worst decision PERIOD. whole squad is blazin ! Stamford Bridge was BOO-ing LOUDLY !

i just hope that Glory Glory Man United will come this 27 May.
as a PAYBACK for what had happen.

hope barca will be humiliated . hahahahhaha ROFL.

1 comment:

fazi said...

stupid.stupid.stupid ref!