May 18, 2009

panic is on LOOSE !


new iPhone is on its way; 2010


3.2 megapixel camera
auto-focus, video recording and zoom
twice the RAM 128MB to 256MB
double the storage 16GB to 32GB
speedier CPU 400MHz to 600MHz
faster hardware support 7.2Mbps 3G HSUPA
digital compass and FM radio
don't be disappointed guys,
Apple is releasing OS 3.0 for iPhone users somewhere on June. roughly about 1000+ software features including MMS, copy-paste, bluetooth peer to peer, landscape keyboard, iPhone search and voice recorder. it'll be great because the iPhone doesn't support many stuffs before this. yeah i know the new one will be way better, but don't u think that 2010 is wayyy long to go ? am i right ? haha. i can bet most of u can't stand waiting for the new one to come out.. so better use this one first, maybe later in 2010 u guys can think of something to get the new iPhone when it released. :) for me, the iPhone is already the best phone ever. with the tapping and sliding, cool apps and all other stuffs. it just need some repair and add-ons a bit. but that's how they make business.. by keep making new stuffs.

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MiraRsln said...

3.2 je..
x best2.. =|