May 8, 2009


semi-final ref Tom Henning Ovrebo is in danger as he received DEATH THREAT from Chelsea fans, as the result of his STUPID decision to let Chelsea loose in their home ground, Stamford Bridge. The Norwegian refferee was shaken, scared as he was chased by the Chelsea fans, right after the match end. He had to change to to another hotel as he scared the fans would go and find him. Later, he got a police escort to the airport and flew back home, Oslo.
sure its a nightmare for him, but SERVES HIM RIGHT !
i was laughing when i heard the news about him getting a death threat. X)

or you will get it.

This is a f**king disgrace ! - quote from Didier Drogba to ref Ovrebo and TV worldwide.
it is mann, i totally agree. same goes to Chelsea legend, Ron “Chopper” Harris.
I don't know if he is a referee or a thief. He should never referee again ! - quote from Jose Bosingwa.
A load of crap . - quote from UEFA general secretary David Taylor who claims of a plot to stop an all-English final after watching the match.
We are all human beings and it is understandable because they went so close . - quote from Chelsea legend, Gianfranco Zola.
yeah, maybe David Taylor is right !
when quarter finals begin, some speculation was made that the Italian Giants are out of the Champions League, leaving only few clubs left other that the English.
Some said that the UEFA dont want to repeat the last year's game as it is between Man U and
Chelsea, which both from England.

Now, they said that Didier Drogba's career is on the line, resulting from the F-word rant to the ref and in front of the camera. Same goes to Michael Ballack as he shouted to ref after he decline the penalty wich was happened after Drogba shot to Barca's defender's upper hand. It should've been a penalty. But what i think is, they wont sell Drogba as he is one of the best player in Chelsea. maybe match ban would be good enough.. ?

well, PLOTS and Conspiracy was on loose during the match, obviously. but they can't just do like this, don't they ? they can't just let the referee go do bad decesion, and leave it like that.. ? think it guys. don't just go bury the hope for Chelsea to shine. and it's no easy sorry for it. no "there's always next year..", NO ! they worked hard for it. they should've won. maybe, just maybe they could lift the Champion's league trophy... ? who knows...

surely, u can ask anyone who spectated the match. surely they would say it's a stupid match.
don't care whether u are Man U or Liverpool or Arsenal or any other fan, u would say the same.
Just watch the match, and u'll know what i'm saying.

well, what can we do now ?
nothing. just wait for next season, hoping there's no such idiotic referee as Tom Ovrebo.
and hope Chelsea will win and shine to the top !

a true supporter ;D

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