July 16, 2010

it's okay...

sorry, i've been away so long. been busy sooo fucking bad. with stuffs at school, what's happening at home, travelling here and there plus the world cup. yeahh, holland lost. almost cried. so sad cuz they could've won and it could've been the first ! shiiiiittt. nvm, they'll be back in euro & next WC 2014 in Brazil. haha not givin up mann... :D to all Spaniards true fans, CONGRATULATIONS. to the WANNABES, fuck off. don't start to brag that Spain won when you are NOT a Spaniard's fan. stop acting like one. stick to you're own even though they sucked or fucked up during the world cup. it's all just a game and a freakin tournament. everybody wants to win. luck could've been in any of the teams. right ?

okay today is friday. i skipped school. so what ? haha been doin this since i started schooling. hhahaha . got nothing to do act. there cuz the teachers are busy givin report cards to the form 3s & 5s. so yeahh why should i go then ? haha. had a good night sleep. on the couch. HAHA. i was watchin tv then suddenly shut downed myself there. guess i was tired running laps during pj and went jusco then till 9. im leavin ipoh today, goin kay elll. haha again, staying at armada hotel, will consume a lot of croissants, omelettes and others when breakfast. it's soo delicious but shit. i'll be fat --" i really need an exercise soon.

haha till next post, aaadios amigo :D

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