July 28, 2010


it’s been 4 days i’m offline. busy goin back to kuantan. had a stroll around kuantan helping my sis finishing her tour guiding skills assignment. from 6am till 11.30pm haha hell of a day. but funn :D from tc to balok. ecm, mega and everything. snapped pics & vids. andd a day before today, had an awesome party regarding my sis’s birthday. whuuu~! wanna do it again hahaa. we hanged from 8 till 3.30am. haha :D but shit, yesterday was f-up. i went home after school, was too sleepy so i slept on the couch. it was 3.30pm.. i woke up.. guess what, 6.30am LMAO. like died or something hahaha. whaddafuuuuckk.. soo fucking long hours of sleep. hahaa. damn. and todayy, i lepaklepak with my friends at hostel. then now, in front of the laptop. the future : watch Notorious and eat PULUT DURIAN <3 whee~ fav wehh. um yeahh, guess this just it. gotta go. till next one :)

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