July 3, 2010

oranje :D

fucking awesome match wehhh.
i was damn scared at first after Robinho scored the first goal, early. but nahh, i still believe holland could fight back and they did, very well ! hahha omg laa equalized with Felipe Melo's own goal lol thanks for blocking Julio Ceasar from securing the ball :)) then the magic goes on with the man, Sneidjer :D awesome touch by Kuyt, then a straight header by him through the post .. whee. so, with that.. the ORANJE ARMY march on forward to semi final..... could go on against Uruguay or Ghana depending by the winner :D my bet's on Ghana. they're quite good. and like easier path for the oranje to step further... good play by both team laa.. pity Brazil but they played well. even though they made lots of fouls and tackles. can't describe my happiness right noww... SOOO HAPPY ! hahha. and yeahh, as i predicted.. it's the exact score line ! 2-1 ! ahuh, i'm good righttt ?? ;P

tomorrow would be Argentina vs Germany. i support both, but i'll go for Argies laa. support Maradona's men. they'll be a good opponent if they succeed to final with Holland ;)

till next post, adiosss ~:>

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