May 5, 2010

hell .

waaahhh damn tired this few weeks. =.=
from getting hacked in fb, debate in kl, lost it, having a bunch of hypocrites around you and being thrown out of sejarah class .
abt the hacking thingy, i was somehow framed by a guy by putting vulgar comments regarding my sejarah teacher =.= called my parents, tried to settle.. they kept quiet. no more story of that. done. went for debate. won 2 lost 2. can't go for octo. sad case. cant do anything but cheering to the first team till the final. no need to talk about the hypocrites, ya'll know the drill. thrown out of sejarah class was the stupidest thing ever happened. she didn't believe that i wasn't the person responsible for the action. she said not to enter the class forever. dont want to see my face. either i go out, or she would. first lesson, i went out. but the second, i stood up for myself on my rights to study. she then didn't say much and just left the class. =.= wonderfu; isn't it ? heh. i don't know what'll happen next. thing's are getting worse day by day. stupid bad luck why strike this year =.= it'll come to a point that i may leave this behind and start a new chapter if i must. hopefully i don't come to that point though it's on track to it.

hm.. till next post. daa

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