May 15, 2010

Iron Man 2 Review.

so the review.

story: 3/5
plot: 3/5
action: 4/5

verdict: 3½ / 5

not really what i've expected for a sequal from a "wow" movie of the first. simply said this is because the whole thing like a moderately okay. the director somehow like trying to consume every idea he got for the scenes into a movie of one rather than just cut the crap and put on the important ones only. so this leads to a confusing or to say messy plot of a movie. some scenes should've been skipped and focus more on the action scenes. plus, a lot of drama in this one. too much if you ask me. they took a lot of time just to follow up with the past, flash backs and stuffs. yeahh, stark was trying to build himself up again after his life is on the dot. but shouldn't made it too long to tell. and see, it ends up with a simple shot of a syringe and a help from nick fury with stark's dad stuffs. not forgetting with the action scene. where the fight between him and whiplash. i don't really like it cuz it's too short ! with war machine helping.. it's not like a one-on-one fight. not a versus. and easily end it with a teamed up beam blast. that's it. so nothing much. to count the times stark meeting whiplash is only twice. monaco and the expo. so, if the third installment is coming in soon or later... please i beg you make a change =.= should be better like how transformers did. and oh, get Mandarin as the villain ! it'll be freaking awesome :D

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