May 29, 2010

hee :)

i've been dreamin of a free, successful, happy and lovin life.
anyone would like to lend a hand ?
please, step inside to my world..
where hope and possibilities are in for a trade.
they say to never trust a stranger nor a carny ?
yeapp, instead you should trust me :)
wonderful ay ? thaat's right.
eyes wide, this ain't no illusion.
just a pure solution.
where ever destiny holds,
either ny or yn
i'll keep on tryin
keep buyin some time
with gold and a dime
makin sure imma be caught for a crime
not for beatin a speechless mime
but for lovin you all times.
smile :D

am i crapping ?
ohemghee yadda yadda yadda.
believe me, implicity is the answer of explicity.
may the force be with you,

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