May 26, 2010


three cheers for ending mid test !
hell yeah thank god it's over --"

now i can chill and return to my daily work. haha simply leisures. schedule's bit packed with holiday's closing in. i'll be in kb, kuantan, kl the whole two weeks by sequence. goin IU-nite at ms garden on 18th. it should be good i guess. cultural wear.. hmm still lost on my attire.. don't even know what to wear till today. lol wtv laa saut je ape2 je en. asal style :B haha hm. so, im just gonna have fun right now. no more books. just laughs :D oh yeah, guys..just gimme a call or something, i'll sort it out. i'll be delighted to meet ya'll if possible cuz it's been a while since im back. hee haha im skipping school today. blekh :@ ain't in the mood wearing uniform, sitting and doin nothing for half a day. with the hot weather here... omg memang sakit laa. skin's gettin darker dyy :| ohh yeah, had a haircut yesterday. bit like mohawk but nah not really cuz the school rule's against me. don't wanna end up being bald for no reason --" haha well, guess this just it. till next post. TTFN :)

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