March 3, 2010

look front.

to the future ?

yeah, the near - the far future. gotta think straight. what i need, what i want, what i must. making sure everything is on plan. :) direction change i guess ? who knows i could return home SOON ? yeah, that'll be great. cuz, from my point of view, it's getting warmerrr, got a bit of signs that says Y E S. wahaha <3

when im home, anything can happen :) what a miracle ? yeah. hoping i can fix stuffs to clockwise from anti . GOD, guide me please on my life. let me have a happy, loving life. im better there. i've been so lonely, quite and very low profile here.. who am i in people's place right ?

my fellow ipohites, please un me babe. there's no place like home rite? ya'll are great friends and i appreciate it damn much. :) i just can't stop thinking of my past. of home, of everything there and then. and to "you", yeah. i still can't get you out of my mind all this time.. oh, my bad sorry. just hm, well.. i dont know. would that be happening? something here in me that says "yeah! go for it" but nahh. idk how. nvm lah.. *sigh* destiny will decide..

see, im gettin bigger now. mind set is already different. so, gotta think bigger, wider, faster ever than before. i'm carrying responsibility on my back. so can't be too playful no more. but hey, it's still the same me, Farris Daniel, you're cool homie ;D hahaa. righttt..

oh, that's the end fer tday.
till next post.
so, TTFN !

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