March 21, 2010

hols ♥

KAKIS Gathering March 2010.

i was so estatic during the day i get to go kuantan, by bus :D
yea for the first time i went there alone. went there on tuesday morning. bit pissed of cuz the bus like taking too much of time getting there =.= 8hours to kuantan what the F ? one pit stop like 1hour each. bengong betol. haih then on wed, the gathering. what we'd planned was to gather at ecm starbucks, then go for karaoke/movie. but end up loitering around all because of.. tak ikut plan.. =.= even got few ppl waiting at megamall. heh i said ecm. wahaha bagus betol. well, nvm, still we had fun there, laughing, ect. settled few cases there and then. so the friday gath at tc. wow that was fun, even though like half of us wasn't there. i didn't plan to join swimming BUT =.= they...! they made so. bahaha babi lah angkut aku campak dlm laut. rey too, was the victim of the moment. haha so all wet, no choice but to just continue with it. the tides were high. it wasn't raining though, thank god. i was praying all day not to rain. haha or else, the gath would've been canceled.

after having fun there, all of us went to mcd. gilaa lapar serious. haha ordered my usuals, chatting, laughing with all of them. haha then left me, jmee, arisha, bella & fiero the last ones there. talked, talked and talked till dark. then haha weh, dah lahhh igt rumah sket :P haha so went home, by cab. thenn the rain started pouring. just then i realized that my time here is limited. went to the terminal this morning. all morning tix to ipoh are out. shittt. haha had to take the night ones. yea, it's kinda dangerous but im fine :D still sad though.. i really dont wanna leave them. :(

guess i'll be back next month !
wait for me..... :D

till next post, salamKAKIS.

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