January 28, 2010

Shooting film in SMI.

here in ipoh, my school St. Michael Institution was chosen as shooting spot for the next movie of the well known director; Bernard Chauly who directed Goodbye Boys, Gol & Gincu and the latest, Pisau Cukur. all of them were good. i liked it. oh, if you realized, Goodbye Boys were also taken in SMI. it was about the 02 Kinta Scout from St. Michael. it was a pride to all Michaelians. This year, another movie shot in smi made Michaelians felt awesome !

for 5 days they stayed in SMI for shooting. this movie is about Syabil Karthigesu, a nurse who was detained by the japanese during the Japan Occupation. it is an interesting story on how she was kept and tortured by them. she was a famous person back in time. well, i dont know much about this but it sounds wonderful.

said them, it's 58% done by now. so soon, it'll be released for theaters ! make sure you dont miss it. well, i peeked from above in my class, i was excited that i can actually see what's goin on there. i saw she was dragged out of car with bruises and bloods on her face. cool :) i wanna stay there during recess before, but i was chased away by the prefects and teachers. grrr can't i at least experience shooting moments? lol :P this would be the first time im seeing a shooting live :D whee~ hm, but it's a bit sad that Syabil Karthigesu wasn't known much among the people here and elsewhere in malaysia.. maybe with this way, it'll work. hopefully.

credits to Cikgu Azhar, Cikgu Sidik & Mr. Khiew for the pictures & infos.

proud to be Michaelian :)
till next post.

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