January 7, 2010

my class :)

haha might look funny but i like it :))
so, im very happy today. even thought some things happened.
it started when mr.rajan was sorting students to their classes.4sc1 was the first. HAHA no offence but most of the G's are there.well, you know the drill guys ;) lol. so i waited. they didn't go class by class. they moved to 4v1 suddenly, then 4sc3 next. haha mixed up everything. but, whatever. then came 4sc5. i was, "weh, shut up! it's 4sc5." if ya'll don't know, im taking i.t aka ict. if you don't know what it is, it's a subject which gotta do with computers :)

well, the main reason why im taking it cuz it's kinda easy to score . yeah that's why. back to story, kenny liew, shastri thiru, viknesh, pah meng, hambali, nuqman & few others were called. and guess what, my name's not there ! omg! haha "okay, maybe my name's on sc6." so i say "calm down, farris, calm down" fuhh hahhaa. i got 6a's but im scared that i dont get. when christopher should be scared he doesn't get it. but im more worried. dont know why. then here it goes, 4sc6. HAHA loo chyuan jin, ibtihal, imran, yuga, jeff. so can say the last class to be called. so i bet my name is on the last one lah kan? well, you're wrong. my name + 3 more students are NOT THERE. ahahah watafak?

i got scared. shit panicked." wth happened? i sent the form already lah, sir." mr.rajan"idk la boy, apa ni, risau2.. sit down lah" *and pushed me down. again third time, sir. LOL mr.rajan haihh :)) so i sat. try to chill. then called the penyelaras form 4. asked which class i was suppose to go? so i said 3a5. waiit said the teacher. then my ex-classmate, kin hoe asked. the teacher turned to 3a5 name list. so he's in somewhere i dont remember lol. okay, so at the same time i try to sneak up on my name. AHAHH! there's number 5 at the end of my name. lol so i was "shit, im in sc5? with kenny, shaz & viki? damnn" then the teacher asked me, i was so excited i said "science five! erh, i mean 3a5!" hahha. "oh, farris daniel, you're in science 5, taking i.t right?" "yeah, teacher :DD" so, there i go.

haha went there, yeahh man! i know these guys. rather than going to science 6. i dont like them much i you ask me. seriously. can't fit in with them =.= so, im happy. but mood's goin down awhile after i noticed that the voting's done! damn it i wanted to be monitor wehh =.= and i had to sit at the back of the class. cuz im the 36th student to sign up in the class. total 38 i think. forgot. lol. nvm. then, suddenly, the class teacher said, "class, sean ni dia masuk band, jd dia mungkin ada kerja berat laa, ada prefects ada mcm2. so, kena cari yg lain lah. and penolong nak pindah teknik!" ahahha i was like "hell yeah, must be my lucky day. or is it because of the new boxer :X ahahha :P lol well, then the class started like "ashnor, ashnor ckgu!" i was like "damn, vote me lah you dumb ass =.=" hahhaa then hambali was shouting too. so i was like "hambali! asal lak? vote aku ahh" he said, " sal? ang nak? haha. haa ckgu, farris!" so i smiled politely to the teacher and raised my hand. "err, saya lah ckgu...*with high hopes* lol" she said"haa, farris lah monitor. setuju kan? okay setuju lah. dah close" ahahha YAY i have regain my throne 8-) whee~

so, i got the class that i wanted, i've regain my status as the monitor. i love this year baby. and tomorrow schedule have sports :D yay, first class football of 2010 :) thank you teacher, thank you guys, thank you god. :) i just being soo happy :D im gonna start study soon. study real hard, seriously. im scoring 10A+ next year ferr SPM. wish me luck :D need the focus damn lot.

so, with that, i rest my case. thank you.
till next post :D

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