January 16, 2010


the movement of Annular Eclipse 2010

in Malaysia 4.30pm, 15 Jan 2010

in Central Africa, during sunrise

it is the longest Annular eclipse for 1000 years. so it's a record which wouldn't be beaten for another millennium ! December 23, 3043 is the next one. think you can make it? lol i think no one would make it no more. how lucky are we to spectate the greatest phenomena in this world NOW. allahuakbar. but to ask, what is the hidden story/saying about eclipse ? only the great person with lots of knowledge knows them. wonder why we, muslims pray "solat sunat gerhana" everytime there's eclipse? must be something big/phenomenon thing is/will happening. else than to respect the utmost greatness/powerfulness of Allah s.w.t. doesn't it ? im still searching for an answer to this question. and yes, every eclipse are VERY tempting. how weird the thing was. how can a moon covering the huge surface of the sun.. and how beautiful the thing was during it happens. i myself, was very excited. how amazing. some say the gravitational force is very high during the peak time of eclipse. an egg can "stand" on either rough or smooth surface without support. how that can happen, i dont know. wallahualam.

attention for the next eclipses 2010;
Partial Lunar Eclipse - June 26th (visible in Americas, the Pacific and eastern Asia)
Total Solar Eclipse - Jully 11th (visible in South Pacific and southern South America)
Total Lunar Eclipse - December 21st (visible in Americas, Europe, Africa, eastern Asia)

the best for Malaysian is on June 15th EST 11pm & December 10th EST 12pm 2011 as all eclipse visible. that time maybe we could see the whole thing rather than a half or quarter of it.

*source from NASA.

very exciting indeed :)
till next post.
thank you.

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