January 5, 2010


OMG. school started =.=
totally boring. wish the holidays would continue.
sigh* everything seems normal. same ppl, same teacher, same environment.
er except for, im form 4. and i dont have a class. and i have a junior in the morning session ^-^
well, the food court is back on. so, whole bunch of foods can be choose again. and as always, i dont know what to eat =.= HAHA i was late for school. 8.30 i arrived at school. lol. with a normal face on. WHAT? like i care :P my classmates raised their hands calling me. oh, i see. there they are. sat down. and heard what my boring old bastard principal speaking. blablabla --getting sleepy--- kehadiran sekolah merupakan isu yang harus diperbaiki ---zzz. erh? watafak? attendance?-- lol nothing related to form 4 stuffs and first day of school. well, what the heck. then, ceramah started. add maths, history, physics, chemistry, biology and bm for that day. wow, suddenly i felt like; damn! im gonna be sick. what the fuck, it's so heavy. what a work to do. one subject, 3 papers. each paper consist of a very stressing questions. wow, im gonna be dead if i dont focus. SPM ! next year! and, you know what? i just realized. why the hell when the shorter the time for examination, the harder and more complicated it gets. ?? upsr, 6 years, easy. pmr, 3 years, tougher. spm, 2 years, hard. WAHAHA damnnn. and when it gets to college, every 6 months. wow. im gonna die. well, best of lucks. hope that i can focus and score well in my exams and finish the goddamn school for good. so that i can kiss the school goodbye. *oh how i wish i could do it now* =.= booorinngggg. wtv. so, that's it for today, adios. happy schooling! --NOOOT---

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