October 26, 2009


XBOX 360 Elite or Playstation 3

damn it. really confusing.
to compare on graphics: PS3
to compare on game price: XBOX 360
to compare on games: PS3
to compare on multiplayer online gaming: XBOX 360
to compare on excitement: PS3

signature game for XBOX is Halo. PS3 is God Of War.
my favorite game is God Of War. Halo is not really my type i guess.
i like playstation. a lot. been using PS1, PS2, PSP.
it's not because i want to make it like a collection or what but, dude !
PS3 games are amazingly good !
plus, mofos SCEA brainiacs switched all the serial games from PS2 to PS3 e.g; GTA, God Of War, MGS, Grand Turismo, Tekken & etc.
but one thing. PS3 games are costly. RM130+ each.
hmm, one tip i got was to buy a long progress games.
best example is Grand Theft Auto.
if not, u'll waste ur money. good tip huh. and they say it's a some sort of sacrifice for it. good stuffs aren't cheap. again SCEA, why the hell u invented blu-ray and sell it for 100 bucks =.=

enough bout PS3. XBOX 360. the games are cheap! like PS2 games in stores around Malaysia.
easy to buy. u can actually buy all games XBOX have like what most ppl did on PS2. yes, it's cheap but one, graphic isn't that powerfull. close! but isn't as great as PS3. the brightness and details are less than PS3. XBOX. i am not familiar with this console. like i said, i've been using Playstation since i'm a child. i hate those A B, Red Blue Yellow Green buttons. kinda weird. HAHA. XBOX is better during online games. to play online, u must pay $50. =.= PS3 don't need to pay. plus it has wireless connection. XBOX doesn't.

so that's the Pros and Cons for PS3 and XBOX.
well, i'm still blurred.
easy to say, i like PS3 better.
BUT. game price is the problem.
hmmm.. o.O

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