December 7, 2009

damn it.

KAKIS gathering @ Teluk Chempedak 13.12.09.
KAKIS outing @ Genting Highlands 19/20.12.09.
and guess what?
i can't go.

sayyyy FUCKED UP.
okay it's not because of the all new KAKISbabes introduction.
(yea mybe cuz it's the first intro after the meeting on sat day after raya)
truly, it's because of the gath suppose to be GRAND.
it'll be at TC. morning. with the bbq, games, discussions and clbrtng eman's birthday.
i bet it'll be AWESOME. for sure. but it won't be really. without me. seriously. erm.

and you must be wondering why i can't ?
yeaahh it's because my parents won't let me.
hurghh wtf.

whyyyy canttt i gooooo !!! arghh.
sriously, i'd never been to ANY KAKISIAN gathering before.
sounds weird huh ? yeah, it's the fact.
they only made a special gathering for me.
everytime i visit Kuantan.
yeahh thanks guys, cuz yall r thre for me.
macam ayat kakisian, susah senang sama.

well, im looking forward to go next time.
cuz actually everytime there's a gathering,
it wouldn't be a right time or should i say the same time
as the day i'm visiting kuantan. and again, yall must be wondering.
why the hell i didn't take the bus ? whyy ?
HAHA talk to my parents :) yayy. *hurghh*

sometimes im thinking, WHY THE FUCKING HELL AM I 15 FOR GOD SAKE ?!
sooo there it goess, blabla here, blabla there..
heyy ur just 15, u can't go here.. u can't go there yadda yadda yaddaaa..
hehhh. grow up faster daniel ! damn it.

what ? i dont care. hate my life HERE.
kuantan pleaaaaseeeee arghhhh.

whenever, just wait for it.

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