October 19, 2009

saturday,OCT 17th.

new post with pics ;D

haha tak banyak pics lah, too busy having fun :D
it was oct 17th, 09. for me, it was the best day. why? sebab LOTS of things happened that day which expressed various feelings. ;D hehe well, no further comments. and it's been too long since i'd hanged out with bunch of ppls :D. KAKIS community pre-gathering was held that day. oh yeahh, it was fun! like always, meeting old friends and best buds made me really happy and not lonely. :)
this pic rawks. yeah, not all were there but cool :D it reminds me of dec 31st , 08. same spot, same way but diff ppl. it was with maula. rey, ayep, kumid was there too :)
so this is the famous KAKIS. :D

busy eating at mcd, haha it was after we ate at delifrance. haha gila banyak makan kot aritu. x) gemok la aku pasnii =.= haha aku main sumbat je fries & burger yg adee. delifrance nye speghatti meatballs cam tak sedap o.o adeh, tu yg lapa lg. haha ;p bole kata we all laa yg bising parokk kt sana ahaha adeh funny. org pandang kot xP haha dey all main snap pics, bengang tol pic aku tgh makan pon bole snap =.= haha cehh, kejammmm. saw alia and the gurlz before at delifrance, thought they're coming, but they left. haha. so, we all met heree.
ini kerja adam, kacau aku makan. nonstop snap pic aku kat mcd =.= haha dapat gak aku buang pic buroksss ;D haha cehh. burger ni cam banyak sgt mayo. fyi, aku tak suka mayo. but, just makan, cuz lapo x) adehh. haha muke redho je tgk mayo menitik kt tangan..=.=
skg, aku bersama kakisian yg paling gay yg pernah aku jumpa which is, wan xD
ahaha sumpah gila bangang gay parok kot. comment aku, kata ka blk nnt aku nk raba kau =.= wth? haha fyi; gurauan semata2 kayy, not really gay. x) or mayybeee.. ? hmm ROFL. forgot who took this pic. but it worked, now it's my def on ms/fb :D sorry wan, aku kne crop kau. sebok interframe tak pasal2 xD ahahaa.

adam, seriously kau makan banyak gle kt delifrance tuh. x) haha
fish & chips, pstu abeskan aku punya spaghetti, izzat nye lg, gilee.. hahah xD
haha ye la, kata org rezeki jgn ditolak... haha ritee... sumbat slagi kau boleh damm... x)

the not so yummy spaghetti meatballs and iced cafe mocha.

haha ;D

snap2 jap. escalator photo-shooting. :D

haha now that's what i called LOVE. lol haha rey & kumid memang sepadan ;p
romantik siall!! agak pe jadi kat apish.. ? hmmm ahahaha xP

tha gurlzz ;)
adriana, alia, cuna, nana.
not kumid & ayep! they're boys! haha x)

credits to CHARIL for uploading.

well, that's it yeah.
actually it's a long day. went to tc right after the 'whatthehell' incident with khalifah =.= haha nothing much abt that, kakis won :)). went for shisha there twice, and talks some crappy stuffs, design tee, watched the af students sang *naim,dekna,sidi,rini*. marvelous day lahhh.


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