September 22, 2011


off for a day yesterday. didn't go to school today. i knew, i'm sick. two days ago i had the sense that my nose starting to itch. then running nose triggered it. damn losing my energy, body's aching and stuff. i'm flat on bed more than 12 hours. lol but getting better now today, thank god. got the chance to watch the latest Malay movie.. Hantu Bonceng. haha stupid shit. well, 3/5 i gave though. not that nice, neither it's that funny nor scary.

it's just normal. and stupid in some case. it's just the plot is not that nice to me. if ya'll notice, they could've done better. Next, i watched Flat 3A. quite interesting but i didn't finish. WANNA KNOW WHY ? stupid internet just ended my download unfinished. i thought it was, but no. how ironic is it ended during a suspense scene. i was like WHAT THE F ?! aww. how frustrating. damn. haha. but well, halfway till the end though.

*Scenes from Hantu Bonceng and Flat 3A

so, to conclude, it was an okay movie... not bad for a horror movie. but i'll still give 3/5. if you want a nice one, i recommend you guys to watch SERU. wow, never thought Malaysian could create a nice Thriller/Horror movie this good. Later than that, i say Santau is nice. it's quite old but it is one of the best or to say the most realistic horror movie made comparing to others made before. so, stay tuned. will be back soon. chiaoo~ ;D

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