September 23, 2011

Review: Sucker Punch

Verdict: 3½ / 5 rating.

If you love Charlie's Angels, then definitely you'll love this movie. Action and visual effects wise.. Great. though, compiling with drama and slow-paced plot reduced the thriller or should i say.. the 'wow' factor. The reason why i said something about Charlie's Angel is that when the action starts, it always goes by the same way... a brief by a man, quite resembles to the Charlie's Angel scenes but it goes by with fantasy effects. The plot is OKAY, though. great story shown but too slow, raising a sense of boredom to it. The BG music is good, song choice is great. kudos to that. My say is that it's a movie should watch if you love fantasy style action-shooting, love watching HOT babes in action and just love dramas for bit. well, that's the the thing :)

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