September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day .

with gratitude and happiness, i wish all Malaysian Happy Malaysia Day. I am truly honored to be living in a peaceful, harmony and multi-racial country as Malaysia. it's been 53 years we had independence (Aug 31st) and 48 years since Malaya Federation and North Borneo conjoint in forming a country as known till today which is Malaysia . for that long we managed to keep it tight together as a whole and as an example to others with our tolerant, goodwill and togetherness altogether. 1Malaysia is introduced by our PM recently and that is the cause to keep things tighter and better between races and religions among us, the people, the citizen of Malaysia.

Day by day, year by year, decades by decades we allowed ourselves to gain the possibility of becoming a better country, more stabled and more civilized citizen and like our ancestors and freedom fighters used to dream of having... Prosperity in life. he have that. and i am glad to know that it stays that way, currently and continuously soon till the end of time. Malaysia had grown.. so does our people. we became better and more on knowledge, skills and forward in terms of actions and living skills as well. a better person, a better country and as an example to others is what we aim to achieve and therefore will be achieved soon in time. as what the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed had quoted once, "by the Vision 2020, we will achieve a higher standard of living, thinking, learning and technology toward the better Malaysia."

 i believe, in time.. we soon will have that. slowly and steadily. one step at a time and in a blink, we won't notice the changes. So, i wish you Malaysia and the citizen... Happy Malaysia Day. any how, Malaysia Boleh. as this is Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku. I Love You All. Salam.

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