August 23, 2011

The Sims Social

dayuumm i'm so addicted to this game. like seriously. yeah, despite playin The Sims for so long, i think this one is by far the best. online game i refer to, yes. what made it good is the way they made the game is actually quite accurate to the real one. and it's nice that you can actually build, communicate and control everything to your creativity's end. reminds me that this is the best game that facebook ever made. lol yes, it can't beat the real game though. The Sims 3 is the current installation. i remember when i started playing The Sims. when was it like.. 10 years ago i think ? it's called The Sims. intro to a new way of game that allow people to create the life and do what is desired by them freely. yes, first one's not as good as now. the graphics, the freedom of doing things not really as real as reality. but, they did it. continued with expansion packs. i bought EVERY one of them. combined, combined and combined everything.

still remember, livin' large, hot date, vacation, pets and more. then it went to The Sims 2. better graphics, better things and more freedom. again, never stop playing and buying the expansion packs. The Sims 3 changed everything. wow, the graphics' good. yes, now the sun shines, the ponds have reflections, pools are better, cars are there, ageing is clearer than ever. and the critical one, your lifestyle. like partying ? like books ? evil ? whatever it is, do how you wanna do. live like what you dream to be or do. you feel the freedom as never did anywhere ever before. how cool is that. though i stopped buying the expansion packs, i still adore the game. any of you who never tried playing, it's time people. do it. i for sure recommend all of you to try. it's awesome.

The Sims. truly awesome. :D

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